Cat Command for Underground

Command Cat Command for Underground

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Cat® MineStar™ Command for underground enables remote operation of load-haul-dump machines to deliver immediate productivity and efficiency gains to your operation. The system improves safety by removing operators from hazardous environments. It also delivers machine utilization increases over line-of-sight mucking operations by reducing the downtime required for shift changes, blast times, and any other conditions that can remove operators from the face.
Options range from simple line-of-sight to full autonomy. This building block approach allows miners to capture value at their most economic entry point while allowing scalability as technology maturity grows.


40% Increase in Utilization

Through shift-change time reductions, elimination of downtime due to drivewall collisions, and more.

34% Increase in Total Operating Time

By keeping operators on the surface, which reduces shift change time to near zero.

Payback in Less Than a Year

Through combination of higher utilization, increased productivity and reduced personnel costs.

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