Rebuild and Machine Upgrades

Get Maximum Life from Your Cat® Equipment

Looking for ways to get the most value from your older Cat machine—now and for years to come? Want to ramp up productivity without buying new?

Caterpillar and your Cat dealer offer many cost-effective ways to extend machine life and get maximum productivity, safety and comfort from your Cat equipment.

  • Overhaul your Cat machine or engine to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new with Caterpillar equipment rebuild services
  • Get the latest safety, productivity, technology and comforts on your older Cat machine with upgrade kits
  • Trade in your old Cat engine and get a like-new remanufactured engine for cheaper than new
  • Add a Cat attachment to your machine to use your Cat machine for a new application

Whatever your need and budget, we have options tailored for you.

Financing Rebuilds and Upgrades

Cat Financial offers a variety of equipment financing solutions—including flexible options for Caterpillar equipment rebuilds, repairs and upgrades.

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Rebuild & Upgrade Options


Rebuilds give your Cat machine, engine, powertrain, hydraulics or components a second (or third) life at a fraction of a cost of buying new. You can also add machine upgrades with the newest features and technologies during a rebuild.

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Make your Cat machine more versatile. A Cat attachment lets you tackle new tasks with your Cat equipment. Explore our variety of practical machine attachments so you can get the most work from your machine.

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Equipment Upgrade Kits

Level up your machine’s performance, safety and comfort with a Cat Upgrade Kit. You can upgrade during a Caterpillar rebuild, major repair or whenever the time is right for you. We have DIY and dealer installed options. Cat kits are available for repairs and maintenance too.

Equipment Upgrade Kits
Equipment Upgrade Kits

Cat Reman

Trade in your old Cat engine or major component and get a like-new product at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Reman parts and engines have like new quality and performance and the same warranty as new Caterpillar parts and engines.


Fleet Management Services

Want a Caterpillar expert to manage equipment rebuilds, repairs and maintenance for your whole fleet? A Job Site Solutions fleet manager can reduce the complexity and cost of managing your fleet. We guarantee uptime and help optimize your costs.

Expert Fleet Management
Expert Fleet Management

Should I Upgrade, Repair, Replace or Rebuild My Cat Machine?

The decision to repair, replace or rebuild your Cat machine or engine depends on many factors, including cost, timeline and business needs. 

This chart highlights some of the trade-offs of each decision. Ultimately, your Cat dealer can help you analyze which option makes the most sense for you.

















Note: You can integrate Cat Reman parts into each of the options above to lower your costs.


We know that every equipment decision impacts your bottom line. Good decisions start with the right information. Here are answers to common questions about remanufacturing, rebuilds, upgrades and repair options. Contact your local Cat dealer to get an expert assessment of your specific needs and learn about your best options.

What are the key differences between rebuilt and remanufactured?

Caterpillar’s remanufacturing and rebuild options are both cost-effective and sustainable options to get the Cat equipment you need at a lower cost.
But they are different.

Rebuild: Rebuilds are completed at a Cat dealer, Cat dealer technicians perform a major repair on your machine by:

  • Cleaning, reconditioning or repairing every major component and system and replacing minor components and parts
  • Restoring the interior and exterior
  • Adding upgraded features (if requested)

Remanufacturing: Cat Reman remanufactures engines and parts at our state-of-the-art Cat Reman remanufacturing facilities. Cat Reman specialists disassemble and re-machine every part, engine or system.

  • The part, engine or system is restored to like-new condition and assembled into a new product
  • Reman engines and components receive a new serial number and the same standard Caterpillar Limited Warranty as our new products.
  • You can purchase Cat Reman engines and components through your Cat dealer.
Remanufacturing vs. Rebuild - How Do I Choose For My Engine?

101: What are the definitions of heavy equipment maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, upgrades and remanufacturing?

  • Equipment Maintenance is the routine work that keeps your machine, genset or engine running with minimal downtime. It includes (but is not limited to) scheduled checks, routine inspections, regular replacement of worn parts and fluids, alignments and system cleanings. See Maintenance resources.
  • Equipment Repairs are like equipment maintenance but usually are done in response to a failure or damage, such as a broken part. Repairs can be minor, such as a broken pin, or major, like a hydraulic repair. Regular maintenance can reduce the need for repairs.
  • Upgrades: Upgrades may be machine features that were available (but not purchased) when the equipment was new. Or they can be features introduced on more recent models (which were not available when the equipment was new). Upgrades may also be in the form of a Repower, which involves replacing the engine in older machines with a newer tier levels engine. We design upgrades to revitalize customer machinery, extend useful life, boost profit, enhance company image, improve operator satisfaction, and increase reliability / uptime.
  • Machine rebuilds are like machine renovations. A machine rebuild returns your machine to like, or better-than-when new condition. A machine rebuild involves reconditioning and / oror replacing major and minor systems and components of the machine, system recalibration, and cosmetic and cab restoration. And, if you choose, a rebuild can include upgrades of things like technology, cab interiors and more.
  • Remanufacturing is the process of tearing down an engine or major component, restoring all the pieces and reassembling the reconditioned components into an entirely new product.
  • Overhaul isn’t a technical term, but many use it as another word for a rebuild.
  • Machine Refurbishment is another term to describe a machine rebuild. Although we at Caterpillar don’t use thate term, the meaning is the same. It is a total renovation of your machine that returns it to like or better than new condition.
  • Machine Restoration is the process of returning a machine to its original condition, usually using original OEM systems and components. It’s often used in the context of antique Cat machines.  

Can you repair while you upgrade and vice versa?

Yes. Your Cat dealer can show you upgrade options available for your machine when you discuss upcoming repair needs.

Can I upgrade my machine when I rebuild?

Many people choose to add or upgrade features on their Cat machine during a rebuild. A rebuild is a great time to add technology, performance upgrades and comforts that were unavailable when your machine was originally manufactured.

What is the difference between maintenance and repairs?

While maintenance is usually planned, repairs are reactive service work. Maintenance is the proactive, routine work done to keep a machine or engine working well. Repairs are done to fix something that’s already broken or not working right.

Can I repair or upgrade Cat equipment myself?

Caterpillar does not restrict who can repair, maintain or upgrade your Cat equipment. You can do many repairs and upgrades to your Cat equipment yourself. In fact, our SIS2GO app empowers you to do repairs and maintenance yourself with detailed machine and engine information direct from Caterpillar on your phone.​

We offer repair kits, upgrade kits, manuals and other resources for people who prefer to DIY. However, most major repairs and upgrades are best done by Cat dealer technicians who have the proper tools and expertise to do them right.

Can I rebuild a Cat machine by myself?

Technically, yes—some people may have the tools and knowledge to rebuild a machine on their own. However, most don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

Can I finance an equipment rebuild or major repair?

Yes. Cat Financial has many financing options for equipment rebuilds and major repairs. Your local Cat dealer can help you find best option for you.

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