Getting Cat Equipment
Getting Cat Equipment

Buying & Renting Cat® Equipment:
What You Need to Know

Ready to shop for your next (or first) Cat® machine, engine or genset? You’re in the right place. From selecting the right product, to financing, to planning for maintenance and repairs, we’ve got you covered.


Cat dealers offer free site assessments.  Your dealer rep can visit your site to understand your situation and recommend the right machine, engine or genset.

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Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Business

What are your equipment needs?

Equipment shopping can be daunting. But you can start by considering:  

If You're Shopping for Machines:

  • Machine size needs — power, the amount of material you need to move/dig/lift and size compatibility with other machines in your fleet 
  • Machine features — like drive train, fuel type, available attachments, tire / track type and on-board technologies 
  • Your own variables — like jobsite environment, soil type, different applications, local regulations, power needs, operator skills and how long you plan to use the machine
  • Transportation — like local road weight limitations, permit requirements, etc 

If You're Shopping for Power Generation Equipment:

  • Genset – size, frequency and voltage of the electrical loads you need to power 
  • Generator application – duty cycle, application, duration 
  • Availability of fuel type on your site – diesel, gas, biofuels, etc 
  • Installation requirements –cooling needs, noise, space limitations, weather protection and portability 
  • Regulatory requirements – emissions, noise and safety 
  • Ancillary product needs – switchgear, transfer switch, energy storage, microgrid, etc. 
Choose the right Cat equipment for your business

Find the Right Equipment

Search for Cat Equipment

Already know what you want? Browse equipment model options online  — including new, used, rental, rebuilds and leases. 

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Browse Cat Equipment Online
Browse Cat Equipment Online

Let Us Help You Decide

Have equipment questions? Not sure what you need? The equipment experts at your local Cat dealer are ready to help.  They’ll take time to learn about your business, answer your questions and help you find exactly (and only) what you need to keep your business rolling.   

Find Your Dealer
Cat dealer rep
Cat dealer rep

Explore Equipment Options

Buy, Lease, Rent, Rebuild or Repair?

Choices for Every Business and Budget

New equipment may be the right choice for your business. But not always. 

Depending on your specific needs, you may be better off with a short-term rental, an equipment lease, or a used Cat machine. 

Some Factors That Help Determine the Right Options:
  • Your budget
  • Cash flow
  • Application
  • Job schedule
  • Availability of work
  • Need duration
  • Current fleet situation 
  • And more

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of products at different price points and flexible financing options to match your business and budget.  Your local Cat dealer can help you evaluate your current situation to determine what’s best for you.


New Equipment

Choose from hundreds of brand-new, state-of-the-art machines, attachments, and power systems with tailored configurations for your specific application. 

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Rental Equipment

Rental is the perfect solution for short-term or immediate equipment needs, or if your own equipment is being repaired. It’s also great for growing businesses that want to expand operations without significant capital expenditures. The Cat Rental Store stores offer a wide variety of Cat and non-Cat equipment and tools.

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Cat Certified Rebuild

Keep your old machine and rebuild it. Rebuilds are a great alternative to buying new. A rebuild will return your Cat equipment to better-than-when-new condition and you can add upgraded features in the process.

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Cat Reman

Cat Reman engines and components are like-new products built with remanufactured parts in our factories. They have the same quality, warranty and performance as our factory-new products at a lower cost. 

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Upgrade Features

Upgrades are cost-effective ways to add comfort, productivity, technology or safety enhancements to older Cat machines.

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Find the Right Financial Solutions Provider

Financing Considerations

When purchasing equipment, there’s more to consider than just the interest rate. Other considerations include:

  • The ebbs and flows of your business – look for flexible payment terms that reflect your business cycle.   
  • Equipment ownership costs – they can impact how much you can afford and how you acquire equipment. 
  • Equipment service and extended protection plans – you can simplify budgeting by financing these in a bundle along with your loan payment.
  • Disaster support – find out how your lender will support you in the event of a major event or disaster that disrupts your business.
Financing Considerations

Cat Financial is More Than Just a Lender

Cat Financial understands your equipment and the challenges your industry may face. Our flexible solutions are developed specifically for Cat equipment customers and the unique needs of your business. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire a new or used Cat machine, maintain it, or protect your investment beyond the standard warranty, you can count on Cat Financial.

And we offer unique options like custom payment schedules or assistance after a disaster. 


Equipment Loans and Leases

Competitive rates and flexible terms to help you find the right solution for your equipment needs.

View Loan & Lease Options


There’s a lot of risk wrapped up in running a business that works on job sites and relies on equipment. Insurance for your equipment and your business can help protect you from the unexpected.

See Insurance Options

Special Offers

Save on Cat equipment, work tools, attachments, parts, services, and more.

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Additional Tools and Helpful Resources to Get You Started:

Not sure how much you can afford? Start with our calculators.    

Loan vs lease?  We break down factors to consider.  Compare your options.  

Plan for Maintenance. Avoid Downtime. 

Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

Preventative maintenance is crucial to equipment uptime and reducing your risk of unexpected failures and costly repairs.  Whether you choose to DIY or have your Cat dealer perform maintenance service, you’ll want to build a detailed maintenance plan for routine inspections, fluid and filter changes and wear part replacements. 

Your owners manual includes recommended planned maintenance schedules and checklists.

Planning ahead will help you:

  1. Ensure the service timing aligns with your business schedule 
  2. Schedule service with your dealer in advance
  3. Have parts and tools on hand when you need them if you choose to DIY
  4. Plan for maintenance costs in your monthly budget
  5. Ensure you have the right equipment protection plans and service agreements to control unexpected costs

DIY and Planned Maintenance Services

You have access to a wide variety of DIY resources for equipment maintenance, as well as planned maintenance services from your Cat dealer. Discuss a maintenance plan with your local dealer to determine what’s right for you. 


Maintenance and Repair Hub

Our Maintenance and Repair Hub has essential information and DIY resources to plan, maintain and repair your Cat equipment.

Visit the Hub

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVA)

These personalized support agreements include services like automatic parts delivery for the DIYer, or comprehensive dealer support for those who want full service.

Learn about CVAs

Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)

Even the best-built machines eventually need repairs. An EPP provides coverage beyond the standard Cat warranty and helps you plan for unexpected repair costs.

Explore Coverage

Maximize Performance and Efficiency 

Take Your Operation to the Next Level

The right equipment is only one piece of running a profitable operation. Operator skills, downtime prevention, fuel usage and operational processes are just a few of the factors that make a difference. If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of your fleet, optimize equipment performance and save time, then technology and /or our training services may be just what you need.  

Technology and Telematics

Our technology solutions are designed for every industry we serve to help you monitor, automate, and manage your equipment. Many come standard with new Cat equipment. You can also upgrade outdated technology in equipment you already own. 

See Our Technology Solutions

Operator Training

Get trained on the latest Cat machines by our team of equipment experts. Well-trained operators create a safer, more productive jobsite — increasing your bottom line.

See Our Training Options

Fleet Management

Caterpillar experts can help you enhance multiple aspects of your business, from cost, productivity, and sustainability tracking to fleet management. 

See Our Fleet Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs to learn more about getting Cat equipment and working with our dealers.

When you’re investing in equipment, we understand there’s a lot to consider before making a decision. Equipment price is determined by many factors including configuration, age, and features, just to name a few. It's also important to evaluate the total cost of ownership and what’s needed to keep your equipment running at peak performance, which can impact how you acquire equipment. 

Look for the "Build and Price" feature for select models on to get instant pricing based on your preferred machine configuration. If you don't see pricing on the machine you're considering, your local Cat dealer is always a great resource to get more information about Cat equipment pricing.

You can request a financing quote on After you submit the form, your local Cat dealer will follow up with more information.

You can also contact your Cat dealer to discuss financing options. 

Cat dealers are locally operated businesses. We partner with them closely to provide a consistent customer experience around the world.  Learn more about our dealer network.

Many types of Cat equipment are available in multiple models to suit different application needs and price points. These variations are indicated with a “GC” or “XE” after the model number. XE equipment has market-leading technologies and machine features. They’re designed for the most demanding applications.  GC equipment has simple features and technology and is best suited for light to moderate applications. If you don’t see a modifier after the model number, it’s our standard model, which is designed for medium to heavy applications.

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