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You’re trusted to provide the power your community lives on and makes a living with. Whether it’s standby or rental power for emergency use or additional systems to handle peak hours, be there when the people you serve need it most — install Cat® power. Our generators are proven to meet rapidly changing needs at low owning and operating costs.

Our team is with you from start to finish and decades after. We’re your expert team for fast installation, proven performance, and on-going support. Give your community the power to thrive. Whether it’s for fire and police stations, schools, water treatment facilities, or municipal buildings, let our generators support your vital operations. 

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In an emergency, seconds can save lives. Leon County and the City of Tallahassee needed backup power for their new 90,000 sq-ft Public Safety Complex. They chose Cat® power systems. Working with their local Cat dealer and building managers, they developed a reliable, fuel-efficient system, so no call is ever dropped – even during a loss of power.

Electric Power products

Electric Power products

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Less than two years after the Hinckley Wastewater Treatment Plant acquired a new Cat® C18 diesel backup generator set, a 114-hour unscheduled power outage put the facility at risk. The generator set kicked in automatically to supply reliable power to the entire facility until utility power could be restored.

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Using Methane for Power Production

Many wastewater treatment facilities use waste gas from plant processes as a generator fuel source. This gas is comprised of mostly methane and carbon dioxide that is generated by wastewater digesters used in the water treatment process. It is then captured and used by Cat generators to provide the plant with electricity and heat for the digester or other thermal loads. With Cat generators you'll receive expert consultation on how to design, install, and maintain power plants designed especially for wastewater plant gas fuel.

Benefits from methane-to-energy projects include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Decreased environmental impact

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How It Works

A durable engine specifically designed for use with low-energy fuel is the cornerstone of a reliable power system. That engine drives a Cat generator to produce electricity.

Cat low-energy fuel generators offer a specialized tolerance to the contaminants in sewage gas fuels by offering additional features that include:

  • Crankcase ventilation pump to eject potentially acidic blow-by gases
  • Specially designed aftercooler cores, cylinder heads, main bearings, and connecting rod bearings that are hardened against corrosive elements
  • Differentiated cooling systems to operate at elevated jacket water temperatures to prevent condensation of contaminants

Heated engine jacket water passes through a plate-and-frame heat exchanger that is connected to the treatment plant's process heat loop. Additional heat can be recovered from the aftercooler circuit as well as the engine's exhaust. The system is typically electrically integrated into the facility via Cat utility grade paralleling switchgear with PLC-based controls that allow electricity to be exported to the grid or used exclusively by the facility.

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