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Partial Scrapers 631 Partial Scraper

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Key Specs

Tractor Engine
Cat® C18
Cat® C18
Flywheel Power - Tractor
570 HP
425 kW
Top Speed - Loaded
34.7 mile/h
55.8 km/h


Customization for Your Operation.

Caterpillar offers partial wheel tractor-scraper power units designed for specialty machines that complement the traditional Cat® product line. These tractor-only configurations are available for purchase directly from Caterpillar OEM Solutions. They can be leveraged for a variety of final machines, including water pulls, elevating scrapers, lowboy trailer power units, and more. With improvements in productivity combined with enhancements in operator comfort and new safety features – Powered Access System and effective wet disc brakes – this machine offers high returns on time and investment.


Increased Comfort

Ergonomic controls and a newly redesigned cab interior provide a more comfortable and efficient working environment all day long

Up to 8% Improved Productivity

Improvements in fuel efficiency and the new APECS transmission controls deliver more productitvity in most applications

Additional Safety

New safety features help operators be more productive and work more efficiently all day long

Up To 15%

Product Specifications for 631 Partial Scraper

Tractor Engine Cat® C18 Cat® C18
Flywheel Power - Tractor 570 HP 425 kW
Note Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final or EU Stage V emission standards, or equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2, or equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA. Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final or EU Stage V emission standards, or equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2, or equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA.
Top Speed - Loaded 34.7 mile/h 55.8 km/h
1 Forward 3.4 mile/h 5.5 km/h
2 Forward 6.2 mile/h 10 km/h
3 Forward 7.7 mile/h 12.4 km/h
4 Forward 10.5 mile/h 16.9 km/h
5 Forward 14.1 mile/h 22.7 km/h
6 Forward 19 mile/h 30.6 km/h
7 Forward 25.7 mile/h 41.4 km/h
8 Forward 34.7 mile/h 55.8 km/h
Reverse 6.2 mile/h 9.9 km/h
Width - 180° Turn 40.2 ft 12.23 m
Brakes ISO 3450:2011 ISO 3450:2011
ROPS/FOPS ROPS: ISO 3471:2008. FOPS:ISO 3449:2005 Level II. ROPS: ISO 3471:2008. FOPS:ISO 3449:2005 Level II.
Cab Seat Belt: SAE J386:FEB2006 Seat Belt: SAE J386:FEB2006
Fuel Tank 231 gal (US) 874 l
Crankcase 13.7 gal (US) 52 l
Transmission 29 gal (US) 110 l
Differential 41.7 gal (US) 158 l
Final Drive - Each 5 gal (US) 19 l
Cooling System 19.8 gal (US) 142 l
Hydraulic Reservoir 37.5 gal (US) 83 l
Windshield Washer 1.3 gal (US) 5 l

631 Partial Scraper Standard Equipment


  • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.


  • Cat® C18 engine with Mechanically Actuated Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI™)
  • Transmission: 8-speed planetary powershift, ECPC control, APECS software, programmable top gear selection, transmission hold, differential lock, guard - power train, ground speed control, machine speed limit
  • Cat engine brake
  • Electric start, 24V
  • Air cleaner, dry type with precleaner
  • Fan, hydraulic
  • Ground level engine shutdown
  • Radiator, aluminum unit core, 9 fins per inch
  • Guard, crankcase
  • Starting aid, ether
  • Braking system: primary and secondary, wet disc, hydraulic; parking, hydraulic-released, spring-applied


  • Alternator, 115 ampere
  • Batteries (4), 12V, 1,000 CCA, maintenance free, high output
  • Electrical system, 24V
  • Lighting system: LED
  • Starting/charging receptacle


  • HVAC system, heat, AC, defrost
  • Thermostat control of HVAC system
  • Coat hook
  • Lunchbox platform with holding strap
  • Diagnostic connection (2)
  • 12V power ports (2)
  • Differential lock
  • Dome courtesy light
  • Horn, electric
  • T-handle implement control
  • Radio ready
  • ROPS/FOPS cab, pressurized
  • Keypad switches: rear engine start; throttle lock; wipers/washers; hazard lights; worklights on, off; information mode; messenger display; safety tab rocker switches, parking brake
  • Seat belt, static two-piece
  • Windows, sliding
  • Windows, laminated, zipped in
  • Windshield wipers, front and rear windows, includes washers
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Door lock
  • Messenger display
  • Display gauges, warnings include: coolant temp; engine oil temp; hydraulic oil temp; DPF temp; fuel level; park brake; implement lockout; brake system, regeneration required; throttle lock; system voltage; secondary steering; bail down; differential lock; apron float; transmission hold; high beam lights; action lamp; engine speed, rpm; gear selection; DPF fill levels
  • Safety tab rocker switches
  • Seat: Cat Advanced Ride Management (ARM), Cat Comfort Series III, rotates 30 degrees
  • Steering wheel, tilt, telescoping, padded
  • Windows, right side emergency egress
  • Messenger display


  • Extended life coolant to -37° C (-34° F)


  • Advanced cushion hitch
  • Accumulators (cushion hitch and brake) with Canadian registration number (CRN)
  • Tow pin, front
  • Fenders, non-metallic
  • Heater, engine coolant 120V


  • Fast-fill fuel tank

631 Partial Scraper Optional Equipment


  • Camera arrangement: Work Area Vision System (WAVS)
  • Cab beacon
  • Air horn
  • Air horn and beacon
  • Kingbolt housing
  • Rear wheel arrangement (set of 2)
  • Scraper draft arm package
  • Steering cylinder group (set of 2)

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