Caterpillar Consulting and Expert Solutions
Caterpillar Consulting and Expert Solutions

Caterpillar Consulting and Expert Solutions

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Let Caterpillar experts help you solve your biggest operations, equipment and engineering challenges. Our customer-focused solutions and support are ready to help you achieve your goals. 

We Can Help

  • Struggling with excessive operational costs? 
  • Need help navigating complex emissions regulations and the impact on your operation?
  • Are safety incidents not declining fast enough? 
  • Need a versatile power solution tailored for your operation?
  • Looking for options for flexibility in capital expenditures? 

Let us know what you're looking to accomplish. Our industry experts are here for you. No challenge is too complex, and no goal is too big.  

Caterpillar Engineering and Design Solutions

Lean on Caterpillar engineering expertise to help you design, implement and enhance power solutions for your business goals. 

Our consultants will work alongside you to help: 

  • Select, configure and implement the right power generation solution for your business  
  • Incorporate Cat® products into Original Engine Manufacturers’ (OEM) manufacturing 
  • Leverage backup power assets to help you generate revenue

Custom Power Solutions

Let our Caterpillar engineers help you design the ideal power solution for your facility or jobsite.

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Custom Power Solutions
Custom Power Solutions

OEM Solutions

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to integrate partial Cat machines, technologies, systems, and components into their products.

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Caterpillar OEM Solutions
Caterpillar OEM Solutions

Training & Safety

Increase your employees’ skills and boost their performance with trusted training courses from Caterpillar. We offer both on-site and online training to fit the needs of your business. Choose options in a variety of key areas, from operating and servicing equipment to implementing a company safety program and more. 

Safety Services

Improve safety at your company with people-focused safety resources, assessments, training and consulting. We help you evaluate your current safety programs and build a culture of safety at your business that’s effective and sustainable.

See Our Safety Services
Caterpillar Safety Services
Caterpillar Safety Services

Operator, Technician and Industry Training

Well-trained operators and service technicians are safer and more productive. Cat training options range from on-demand courses to simulators and classes at your local Cat dealer. We also offer a variety of industry-specific options.  Contact one of our training experts to help you develop a plan.

See Our Training Options
Cat Training
Cat Training

Fleet Management and Optimization

Improve your fleet’s productivity, save money, and reduce risks with our made-for-you solutions. We can help you maximize uptime and get the most out of your fleet.  Our experts will work with you to develop options to help you manage maintenance, availability, efficiency, risk and costs. Choose from tiered options to fit your business’ needs and budget.

Caterpillar Fleet Management is a concierge-level service for businesses that want an end-to-end optimization of their fleet, performance and operation. Your dedicated Caterpillar and dealer team will learn your fleet and operations and work with you to reach your performance targets.  

Caterpillar Fleet Managers can:

  • Manage your maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, and equipment acquisition to get max uptime
  • Increase equipment performance and operational efficiency
  • Work toward your sustainability goals  
  • Lower costs and increase capital budget

Fleet Management


Caterpillar Lifecycle Fleet Monitoring

Did you know that operator errors and poor maintenance are the most common cause of heavy equipment damage and downtime? Maximize your uptime with Fleet Monitoring.  

Our experts can monitor your global fleet’s data from our 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Center. You’ll get proactive notifications when something’s wrong or it’s time to perform maintenance or repairs, plus insights to optimize performance. 

  • Know your fleet condition, regardless of location
  • Avoid major failures with proactive maintenance and repairs
  • Reduce equipment abuse across your fleet 
  • Know when equipment requires immediate attention
  • Monitor fuel consumption


Caterpillar Fleet and Condition Monitoring


Let’s work together to build a better, more sustainable world. We can partner with you to meet your sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and adopt the latest technologies and products. 

With decades of experience, we can help you:

  • Transition your power systems to alternative fuels like hydrogen or biofuels
  • Leverage power assets to lower costs and reduce risk
  • Configure and implement sustainable cogeneration system for your facility
  • Monitor, report and improve site emissions
  • And more…

Alternative Fuel Transition

We offer a variety of sustainable power technologies, including natural gas, hydrogen, solar and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). We’ll work with you to engineer a complete plan that meets your specific business needs and goals. 

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Caterpillar Alternative Fuel Transition
Caterpillar Alternative Fuel Transition

Emissions Redesign

Every new stage or tier of emissions standards requires OEMs to redesign products to accommodate a new engine. Our industrial engine application team is on hand to help. They can work with your engineers to compare options, share detailed specs and provide a 3D model of the selected engine integrated into your product design.  

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Caterpillar Emissions Redesign
Caterpillar Emissions Redesign

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