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Dozer Downloads
Dozer Downloads


Stop dozin and let's doze

Psst , hey … hey … it's your Cat dozer … let's get up … time to go, boss … sun's up … okay, how about now? … looks like we've got an ignition problem … calling Cat support … dude, my tracks are getting cold here … no, I'm not giving you five more minutes … stop dozin and let's doze!

Download Alarm Tone 1

Good morning, operator number one

Good morning, operator number one, guru of grade, patriot of push, the track clankin', dirt plowin', mountain levelin', diesel-fueled captain of the cab — it's your Cat dozer here — let's get up and grade! Last chance before the beeps. Alright, boys, back her up! (BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP)

Download Alarm Tone 2

Your Cat® Dozer Wake-Up Call

Alright, boss. This is your Cat dozer wake-up call. Enough z's. We got some work to do. (engine running)

Download Alarm Tone 3


Obviously you're working

Hey, it's your Cat dozer. Obviously you're working, but somebody's calling. Go easy on'em.

Download Ringtone 1

Your Phone's Ringing

Hey, boss, this is your Cat dozer. I’m supposed to tell you your phone’s ringing. … ring ring. Actually, let’s just go with this. (engine starting)

Download Ringtone 2


Engine Start

(sound of dozer engine starting)

Download Text Tone


Your Cat Dozer Voicemail

Hey, this is … not who you called, I’m their Cat dozer voicemail. They’re probably out workin' jobs with me, but leave a message and I’ll, uh, push it their way. Thanks!

Download Voicemail 1

Out Grading

Hey your favorite Cat dozer lover is not available right now — probably cuz they're out grading with me, the Cat dozer. Go ahead and leave a message; they'll get back to you after they finish rockin those grades.

Download Voicemail 2


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