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Cat® Generators Expand Power for New Utah Plant

After 75 years in business, Provo Power, a member of the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UPMA), wanted to upgrade its outdated equipment for more environmentally friendly power generation. Local Cat dealer Wheeler Power Systems installed five clean-burning Cat G3520H natural gas generator sets, reducing plant emissions by 97 percent.

Provo Power, a member of the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA), operated a power plant that served their community for over 75 years. However, the former plant was contributing to air quality issues in the Utah Valley. Provo needed a solution that would help reduce emissions for over one million residents.

Opting for a fresh start, Provo Power teamed up with Cat® dealer Wheeler Power Systems to create a new, state-of-the-art plant. Powered by five Cat G3520H generator sets, it yields more power (13 MW) annually than the previous structure and is considered the cleanest burning natural-gas-fired power plant in the state.

During high demand hours, the plant allows for peak shaving, reducing power consumption and costs by between 10 and 30 percent. It also provides black start capability for power outages. Wheeler ensures that gensets are ready to run at all times, delivering continual maintenance and technical support.

“UMPA made a commitment to use the cleanest emission control technology and install the most efficient generating equipment in order to meet the needs of its customers,” says UMPA power resource manager Kevin Garlick. “Overall, the new plant reduces emissions by 97 percent, representing a quantum leap from the former facility.”

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