Wide Variety of Cat® Duo-Cone™ and Heavy Duty Dual Face (HDDF) seals

Application-specific Cat® Seals

We offer a complete line of Cat seals from 25 mm to 940 mm (1 inch to 37 inches) to serve your needs and we design new seals to address customers needs. 

Unscheduled equipment down time is very costly. Cat seals provide superior performance in extreme applications where lubricant retention and protection from damaging surroundings is essential. Years of proven field experience has shown Cat seals provide long life in many applications.  Manufacturers in a variety of industries have utilized Cat seals in their equipment for decades experiencing over 30,000 hours of operation without maintenance in some applications.

Caterpillar offers Cat Duo-Cone™ seals and Cat Heavy Duty Dual Face (HDDF) seals. Both designs use various nonmetalic load rings to provide loading to the metal seal ring. Cat Duo-Cone seals require less space radially and Heavy Duty Dual Face seals require less space axially in a housing. Cat Duo-Cone seals incorporate a round load ring while Cat Heavy Duty Dual Face seals have a rectangular Belleville Washer.


Cat Seals


• Requires less room radially in application
• Very stable in housing prior to final assembly
• Very good end-play capability


Cat Seals

Heavy Duty Dual Face (HDDF) 

• Requires less room axially in application
• Square-bore housing cavity/Ease of machining
• No assembly tool or assembly lubricant required


For more information about Cat seals, email catseals@cat.com



Cat Seals


Cat seals are proven to provide long service life.