Safety Services

No matter what industry you work in or what equipment you use, your first priority is the safety of your employees. Keeping your people safe is more important than anything else. Caterpillar agrees, and we’re committed to helping you make sure everyone who works in, on or around Cat® equipment comes home safe every day.

That’s why we created Caterpillar Safety Services, a group within Caterpillar that uses industry best practices and proven processes to help elevate customers to the next level on their safety journey. We coach leaders to demonstrate visible commitment to safety, provide supervisors tools and skills to develop a system of accountability, and get employees involved in error-proofing their processes.

Caterpillar Safety Services provides a number of online and in-person training courses and consulting services to help our customers keep their employees as safe as possible. We also offer safety assessments and continuous improvement programs, and a number of resources customers can access to help them maintain a culture of safety.


Our safety experts offer a number of consulting services to help you institute a culture of safety on your site.

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Fatigue and distraction can be a significant safety risk, but Caterpillar has the technologies and expertise to help you mitigate that risk.

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Caterpillar Safety Services offers safety training programs to help leaders embrace the concept of a culture of safety excellence and understand how to be actively involved in the process.

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Caterpillar Safety Services offers a number of resources to help your personnel operate safely in every aspect of your operation.

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Know how to safely and efficiently use your Cat equipment by referencing your Operation and Maintenance Manual.

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To learn more about what Caterpillar Safety Services can do for your operation, contact us directly.

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Safety Service Letters

Check to see if there are any open Safety Service Letters for your Cat equipment. If so, please contact your local Cat dealer immediately to schedule this service.

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