C15 ACERT Tier 4i

C15 ACERT Tier 4i

C15 ACERT Tier 4i

Features At A Glance

EMCP 4.2 Control Panel
Product Support Offered Through the Global Cat Dealer Network
Product Support Offered Through the Global Cat Dealer Network
Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience
Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience
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Product Specifications for C15 ACERT Tier 4i

Engine Specifications

Capacity for Liquids


C15 ACERT Tier 4i Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Heavy-duty dual element air cleaner
  • Service indicator

Cooling System

  • Radiator package mounted (50° C)
  • Side-by-side cores
  • Coolant drain line with valve at edge of base
  • Coolant level sight gauge
  • Fan and belt guards
  • Cat Extended Life Coolant
  • Metal top and bottom tanks

Exhaust System

  • Dry exhaust manifold

Fuel System

  • Primary fuel filter
  • Secondary fuel filter
  • Fuel priming pump
  • Fuel transfer pump


  • SR4B brushless, single-bearing, self-excited
  • Class H insulation
  • Random wound
  • IP23 protection
  • Cat DVR
  • Coastal protection


  • EMCP 4.2 control panel
  • Emergency stop pushbutton

Lube System

  • Oil cooler
  • High efficiency oil filter
  • Oil drain valves
  • Fumes disposal
  • Gear-type lube oil pump

Mounting System

  • Heavy-duty oilfield welded steel base (skiddable)
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Designed welded base for increased durability (C-channel design)

Starting/Charging System

  • 24-volt starting motor
  • 45-amp charging alternator


  • Paint — Caterpillar yellow except rails and radiators (gloss black)
  • Flywheel and flywheel housing — SAE No. 1
  • Engine lifting eyes

C15 ACERT Tier 4i Optional Equipment

Exhaust System

  • Spark arresting mufflers (25 dBA and 35 dBA)
  • Manifold and turbocharger guards
  • Expander


  • Permanent magnet excitation
  • 800 amp circuit breaker
  • Space heater controls

Starting/Charging System

  • Jacket water heater with shutoff valves
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Battery rack with heavy duty batteries

Protection System

  • Air shutoff - guillotine style

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