Man standing in front of a Cat machine
Man standing in front of a Cat machine

Touring the D3 with Jack Miller

The MotoGP star puts the D3 TTT through its paces with our Product Demonstrator

Simon and Jack Miller take a look around the D3 and show us the exterior and interior features that make this machine stand out. Watch until the end to see Jack handle the D3 and explain why he’s such a fan!
Video showing walk around of the D3 with Jack Miller

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In this video…

  • Introduction and line-up overview (00:00)
  • Exterior walkaround (00:47)
  • Looking at the D3 interior features (04:18)
  • Exploring display functions and personalised operator settings (05:08)
  • Jack Miller shows us the D3 in action (07:12)

This film applies to the following Cat models: D3 Track Type Tractor


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Video Transcript

(00:00) Introduction and line-up overview
Jack: Hi guys, I’m Jack Miller and I’m here with Simon at the Leicester customer training centre. He is going to walk me through the D3 and teach me a few little things that I can take to mine at home. 

Simon: So Jack, with the new D3, this is the LGP version. This one’s equipped with the new C3.3 engine, so that’s a replacement for the 4.4 on the previous model. The D3 is obviously now a replacement of the D5K2, new rests, better visibility at the front.

(00:47) Exterior walkaround of the D3
This one’s equipped with power pitch, here, and I’ve locked this. People ask what this is for, so when I’m using the aggregate, you lock that off and that stops any free-fall movement in that power pitch cylinder on the top there. Easy access, you’ve got grab rails all along there, on here, there’s one into the cab. 

Round the side, here, you’ve got your fuel filters in here – believe it or not, so that’s easy ground level for checking if you’ve got any water in your water separator. Screenwash at the side, this is your cab filtration. 

So, round the back, Jack, the blue one that indicates it’s your depth tank, so you put your depth fluid in. Here’s your fuel fill, camera, reverse camera, and through here your sight glass, this is your hydraulic oil level, and this is your hydraulic oil fill. And these are colour-coded now, so it is normally orange for hydraulic, black cap or a green cap for fuel, and blue’s always your depth. 

Round this side, batteries, it’s 12V but it’s double battery for easy cold starting. Your hydraulic filter in here and then you’ve got your isolator, and the light is there indicating when it is safe to turn the isolator off once it’s done its depth purge. On here, this is always handy on the tractors now, so you’ve got your grease point and service intervals, so fuel separator etc., it’s all on here. (Jack: “That’s easy enough”) That’s a handy little feature there, and then you’ve got your fuel sticker on there. (Jack: “Beautiful”).

And your access, that clips in there, and you’ve got dipstick for doing your oil checks in the morning and you’ve got this panel here. So, this is new now, and this just lifts out, so that’s quite easy. So, you’ve got your filler there, spin on oil filter under here if you want to do that to get the cartridge in and then you’ve got your air cleaner at the top there (Jack: “Beautiful, nice and easy, easy access”). Now I’m not a tall bloke at all, by all means, and everything’s at ground level for me. Whereas, sometimes, I find it a bit of a challenge on the bigger machines. 

And then this will hinge the cooling pad forwards. So if you want to clean the radiator, particularly in your territory where you get that fine dust (Jack:“Yeah blow out the radiator”). Get at the radiator and give that a good push now. (Jack:“Beautiful. There you go, look at that. Teamwork. Lovely. Are they hydro-aligns up here?”) Yep, they are connectors for when you put your mass on, whether you are using GPS mass or laser mass, you’d hook into there. And we’ve got LED worklights now, it is a lot brighter lighting from it. Excellent visibility now with the sloped hoodline. And then the little box there, next to the muffler, that’s your product link. Then that there, that panel there, there’s a little catch over here, that’s for your radiator coolant.

So, Jack, do you want to get inside the cab and I will show you some of displays and some of the features inside the cab.

(04:18) Looking at the D3 interior features
So, you will notice that you’re on an airride seat, so the seat airride’s down there, you’re also got your temperature control on there as well. And you’ve got a fan, so it is a cooling seat as well as a heated seat, on this one. And you’ve got your controls, you’ve got your main tractor controls, so forward, reverse steering on that one. The rollers are doing your speed control for your forward and reverse speeds, and then on this side, this works your blades, so your blade lift, blade tilt and then this has got the power pitch. The button’s on there for the top cylinder for the power pitch. Then the yellow button, when we start doing some of the aggregate functions, turns that on and off. 

(05:08) Exploring display functions and personalised operator settings (05:10)
So, here we have the display, so this is the hour meter for the tractor this is your clock and then these here are showing the slope indicate and cross fall indicate. Now to get the aggregate function to work, press that there. So you’ve got the weather activated brake paddle decel, traction control, on or off, stable blade, on or off, auto carry, on or off. So autocarry, how that works in combination with the tracks, it monitors the tracks. Start getting track slip, it will start lifting the blade carrying the material, taking some of the loading off the undercarriage. You click on this for the menu, and I activate slope assist on this menu, so I’m highlighting that now. So, this is now showing me I’ve got an 8 degree crossfall on a 4.2 degree mainfall and on here, if I wish to keep that 4.1/4.2 mainfall, if I press this down arrow that will put that figure into there. Same again for this cross slope, if you want to maintain 8 degrees you click on that and that brings it down, and then when you click this one it will bring that top value down. When you’re driving along and you’re in gear, you’ll press the yellow button there – but it won’t allow me at the moment as the engine’s not running, but with the engine running in gear that would come up and we would be in auto. So, these will light in green and the tractor will do that automatically for you. Without it turned on, these are obviously your references for what your blade’s… (Jack: “To what your blade’s at, yeah I know”). And then the one here, you click that when you’re changing directions, you click that, and that changes, see how that has switched the blades the other way round now. And then down here, you’ve got your fuel level, your amount of depth fluid remaining, and you've got your coolant temperature and your oil temperature. And this is your forward speed and your reverse speed, so on the roller you can adjust that value. Then down there, you’ve got your HVAC controls, so you’ve got air conditioning, temperature and your fan speed. 

Right Jack, now that I’ve shown you some of the features, it’s time to give it a go. (Jack: “Put it to work”).

(07:12) Jack Miller shows us the D3 in action
Jack: Fantastic machine that. Unreal that. Lots of fun.

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