There's no future for quarries that harm the environment.

New, fuels, new tools and novel ways of working are making every part of the quarrying process kinder to the earth.

Understand these advances and make them work for you, with the secrets of sustainability.


The Secret Life of Quarries
The Secret Life of Quarries
The Secret Life of Quarries

Beyond caring for the world we live in, there are a thousand reasons to strive for sustainability.

Reducing idling time keeps costs down as well as CO2.

New synthetic oils pollute less and lubricate more.

Electric vehicles can all bet eliminate emissions - and fuel costs.

 What's good for the earth is good for the quarry.

Lubricating oil is the lifeblood of every machine. Replacing it takes time, costs money and affects the environment. Until now. Because new, greener, synthetic oils are set to revolutionise all that.