Lower costs, greater safety.

Committed to Your Success

You succeed because you know your customers, your capabilities and the commodities market.  With over 40 years of experience in the waste industry, Caterpillar is the only manufacturer with a complete waste handling range of machinery and solutions.  With a focus on jobsite safety, machine versatility, high efficiency and low operating cost, we are here, dedicated to support your business needs.

Committed to Your Business Needs


Whether you’re opening a new facility or running an existing business, your success depends on efficiency. In a Site Assessment, Caterpillar experts work with you and your Cat® dealer to study the site objectives and applications to identify what machines will provide the best productivity for the job. Contact your Cat dealer for more information.


Caterpillar waste trainers understand how to manage and maintain equipment—and how to transmit that knowledge to new and veteran machine operators. Maximize machine productivity and lower your operating costs. Choose the training that works for your operation: either on site or at one of our training centers.


How do you get the most out of your equipment? Start by making sure you get the right equipment for your needs. After all, machine selection affects production, operational costs and efficiency. We use a three-step analysis process to help people make the right decisions.

  • What’s the application?
  • What’s the best Work Tool?
  • What’s the proper machine and machine size?

Committed to Lowering Your Operating Cost

With a complete range of purpose built machinery for waste handling applications featuring:


Wear in waste handling applications is severe and can drastically cut down a machine’s life. All waste handling machines are protected in key impact areas, including undercarriages, radiators, axles and cabs. Ask us about waste guarding options for your equipment.


Tires take a beating in waste handling applications. To ensure maximum uptime, puncture-proof Flexport tires feature elliptically-shaped sidewall ports that produce a smoother, more cushioned ride on any surface for greater operator comfort, machine stability and extended tire life.


Air quality can take a toll on machines and operators in waste handling applications. Our waste handling air filtration features specialized independent air filtration systems for the operator cab and machine engine system, to ensure improved operator comfort and longer engine life.


Few applications put demands on cooling systems like waste handling. Our fan design thoroughly expels debris from cooler cores, keeping your system cleaner and cooler at the same time.