Blades are Boring
Blades are Boring

Who says Blades are Boring?

It’s hard to get excited about a dozer blade. After all, it’s just a big metal plate that pushes and shoves and cuts and grades. But the truth is, today’s dozer blades are sophisticated tools. And you can’t make money without them—which makes them far from boring. So before you choose a blade, give some thought to how the decision could affect your bottom line.

Start with the facts

Your equipment dealer is in the best position to help you select the right blade for your tractor. Together you’ll look at factors such as:

  • Size of machine
  • Types of materials you’re moving
  • Applications you expect to work in
  • Terrain, underfoot, push distance and other site conditions
  • Productivity, cost and utilization goals

The more information you provide about how the tractor will be used, the easier it will be to choose a blade that will help you work safely, efficiently and profitably.

Check out your options

Dozer blades are available to match virtually any application. Take a look.

Common Blades        

Universal (U)
  • Big loads, long disctances
  • Lighter or easy-to-doze materials
  • Good for reclamation, stockpile work, overburden removal and more
Semi-universal (SU)
  • Quick loading, excellent peneration
  • Handles range of materials including tightly packed ones
Straight (S)
  • Small and maneuverable with aggressive penetration
  • Accommdates many materialsl including heavy ones
Variable Pitch Power Angle Tilt (VPAT)
  • Maximum versatility from site development to finish grade
  • Tilts forward to improve penetration or shed sticky materials and backward for fast finish grading

Specialty Blades

Variable Radius Semi-U
  • Aggressive penetration with good load retention
  • Used for land improvement, soil conservation and reclamation
Angle (A)
  • Angles 25° to either side for easier side casting, pioneering, backfilling and ditch cutting
Cushion (CU)
  • Used for push-loading scrapers
  • Also performs cutting and general dozing tasks
Light Universal
  • Moves high volumes of light, non-cohesive materials
  • Handles refuse and cover materials
  • Includes open trash screen to enhance visibility and protect radiator

Try the technology

Some new dozers are equipped with blade sensors and controls. These technologies help operators work faster and more accurately while using less fuel and materials. Consider the new Cat® D6. It includes Cat Grade with Slope Indicate, a standard technology that keeps the operator informed about the slope they’re on. It’s a simple visual indicator that helps boost productivity. Cat Grade with Slope Assist, another standard feature on the Cat D6, holds the blade at a target slope, making it much easier for the operator to work efficiently. And Cat Grade with 3D, an optional automation blade control system, boosts productivity by up to 50% over traditional grading processes.

Your dealer can tell you more about blades and blade control technologies that can save time and money. And that’s something everyone can get enthused about.

Find more information about Cat blades here.


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