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Used Equipment

Considering a used machine? That's smart thinking. Sometimes, buying used is the best choice. It’s priced less than new, expanding your options without expanding your budget. Don't purchase any old used machine, though. Make sure you get exactly what you want: low hours, great condition and the right configuration. Cat® Used equipment delivers all that and more — at multiple price points to fit your budget. Plus, only used Cat machines are backed by Cat dealer service and support to keep your business running smoothly. Choose used Cat equipment.

Better Lifecycle Value

A less-than-new purchase price isn’t the only financial benefit of buying Cat Used. You also get better overall lifecycle value. Lifecycle costing takes into consideration all the funds you’ll outlay over your course of ownership — like maintenance, repair and fuel — to give you an accurate picture of total costs. Those costs are lower with Cat Used because it’s often more durable, reliable and fuel-efficient than other brands.

Buying a used machine from your Cat dealer contributes to lifecycle value, too. Equipment that’s been regularly inspected, serviced and maintained has a longer lifespan.

Better Lifecycle Value

Higher Resale Value

When it’s time to sell or trade in your used machine, you get more with Cat Used. That’s because used Cat equipment holds its value longer than other brands. Why? It’s built better to last longer — and it’s built for multiple lives. Thanks to modular components that can be replaced or rebuilt, you can return a Cat machine to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Cat Used machines sold and serviced through Cat dealers can obtain even stronger resale value. Meticulous maintenance, use of genuine Cat parts and documented service records make these machines even more attractive to potential buyers.

Higher Resale Value

Unmatched Support

When you buy a used Cat machine from your Cat dealer, the support you receive is literally “like new.” Cat dealers don’t treat used equipment owners any differently than new equipment owners. You get the same highly trained service technicians, great parts availability, repair options and expertise — the same commitment to keep your machines and your business running smoothly.

Whether you need help buying, selling, trading, consigning or supporting a used machine, your Cat dealer has the options and expertise to help you make the best decision for your operation.

Unmatched Support

Delivering on High Expectations

PELLCO Construction’s fleet is 100 percent Cat equipment — but only a third of those machines are new. Discover why this site development company based just north of Seattle puts so much faith in the Cat Used and Cat Certified Used equipment it expects to “operate just like new.”

Delivering On High Expectations

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