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988K Millyard Arrangement

The Cat 988K Millyard machine enables single pass unloading of log trucks and high capacity forks optimize every cycle to the mill infeed.

  • 541 HP / 403 kW Net Engine Power
  • 139,920 lb / 63,600 kg Operating Weight
  • 34 tons / 30.9 mT Full Turn Static Tipping Load

New for 2020, high visibility Logger front linkage combined with redesigned high visibility logging fork wiith dual top clamps improves operator confidence loading and unloading trucks.

For world class efficiency and sustainability the 988K XE Millyard machine utilizes electric drive technology while maintaining the same proven axles and driveline.

  • Up to 10% improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional powertrain 988K.
  • Faster cycle times for distances up to 750 feet.
  • Regenerative braking reduces wear on axles and lowers operating cost.
  • Automatic retarding controls speed on grade.


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988K 988K


Cat® Forestry Mulchers help loggers clear land for roads and other right-of-ways with ease and safety.

  • 2 sizes depending on your carrier:
    • HM2615 - 11 to 16 ton track excavators
    • HM4015 - 16 to 26 ton track excavators and FMs
  • Cut trees up to 12 inches (305 mm) in diameter with HM4015.
  • 2 rotor types:
    • standard
    • bite limiter with rotor designed with teeth separated by ribs to prevent rotor stalling and creates finer shreaded material.
  • Variable torque hydraulic piston motor shifts between high speed - low torque and low speed - high torque 

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Forestry Attachments Forestry Attachments

MH3040 Material Handler

The Cat MH3040 is built on the lagacy of the M325D L MH to provide the power and reliability you need.

  • Cat C7.1 engine produces 202 HP / 151 kW
  • Up to 25% less fuel consumption comapred to M325
  • Smart Modes match engine and hydraulics to the work load
  • Up to 20% lower maintenance costs:
    • Synchronized service intervals
    • No maintenance Cat Clean Emissions Module
    • 50% greater hydraulic filter life
  • New Next Generation cab with climate control


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MH3040 Material Handler MH3040 Material Handler

The Great Payback

The Great Payback The Great Payback