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Rise to Meet the Road

Cat® Paving

Every job site demands your focus, efforts and abilities. With Cat® paving, rise to meet any challenge that comes your way. From superior equipment to unmatched support, trust the leader to be with you every step of the way.

The Asphalt Paver Duo:
CVA + Inspection

Increase your uptime with two expert wear inspections in the first 24 months and get a Cat® Customer Value Agreement, too.

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The Asphalt Paver Duo: CVA + Inspection

The Soil Compactor Duo: CVA + Financing or Fuel Payback

As part of the Great Payback Event you will get a Customer Value Agreement, plus a choice of either 1.99% financing for 48 months or a fuel payback credit.

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The Soil Compactor Duo: CVA + Financing or Fuel Payback

The Utility Compactor Duo: CVA + Financing

Lower your payments and free up some cash with this special offer. Enjoy 1.9% for 36 months, plus a Customer Value Agreement, too. 

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The Utility Compactor Duo: CVA + Financing

Helpful Tips and Tools

The Cat Paving Resource Center provides you access to multiple guides, apps, calculators, reference and much more. 

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Tips and Tools

Paving Equipment Solutions

Trust the paving leader to deliver superior equipment so you can complete your work on time and on spec. Our full line of products is enabled with easy-to-use technology to help keep costs down and productivity up – allowing you to meet the road head-on. 

We're Right There With You

From the latest in technology to our unmatched product support and training options, see how to move your paving operation to the next level. It is another way we're committed to helping you, every mile.


Technology changes quickly. Stay current and informed on how today's technology can make your equipment, your operators and your entire operation more efficient.


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From parts to financing to rental options, Cat paving and your local dealer are with you from beginning to end. With multiple solutions to meet your specific needs, you can count on us for support every step of the way. 

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Learning how to best do something is just as important as what you own. Through a variety of on-demand customized training for operators to operations, see how we can help.

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