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Touring the 309 CR with HM210 Mulcher


Watch to find out how Simon uses the 309 CR High Flow in combination with the HM210 mulcher to clear a fence line. See how dedicated flow to the attachment allows for continued power as well as tracking speed, ensuring the job is done most efficiently. 
Touring the 309 CR High Flow with HM210 Mulcher

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In this video…

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Overview of task and 309 CR High Flow features and benefits (00:46)
  • Learn more about Cab Guard functions (01:24)
  • Explore the benefits of the continuous flow feature on the 309 CR High Flow (01:51)
  • See how to maximise the performance  of the HM210 Mulcher (03:27)

This film applies to the following CAT models: 309 CR High Flow Mini Excavator and the HM210 Mulcher


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Video Transcript

0:01 – 0:12 Hello I’m Simon Hill, Product Demonstrator at the Leicester Customer & Training Centre and today we’re going to be looking at some of the features of the 309 High Flow machine in combination with the HM 210 mulcher

0:46- 1:21 So, today I’ve been tasked with clearing a fence line down in one of the yards and I’ve chosen the 309 because it’s got the extra pump which gives me a continuous flow to the mulching head and that also gives me fast cycle time for using the boom in and out and correcting my height, adjusting the neck of the mulcher. On a traditional machine without the extra pump, all those features slow down because all the flow is going to the work tool so now, I’ve got a dedicated feed to the mulching head and I’ve also got power and speed for the rest of the controls and functions of the machine

1:24 – 1:48 So on the cab guards, they both hinge, the bottom one here at the front held in place with 2 rubber straps, I’ve pre opened the top one. Your hinges open allows me to clean the glass and get rid of any leaf litter and any debris and dust and the top one, undo the two straps again, that holds up, there’s a little stay on here which holds it in the upright position giving you easy access to clean the windows

1:51 – 2:18 One of the benefits of the 309 is that it’s equipped with an additional pump, what this pump does in here, when I use any auxiliary tool with continuous flow, this continuous flow light illuminates green, this pump then engages, giving me a continuous feed to the attachment so when using the mulcher I’ve got full speed and flow to the mulching head and gives me the ability to track, boom in, boom out, stick in, stick out and crowd the bucket linkage

3:27- 5:28 Now we can take a look at the HM 210 mulcher, so on this mulcher I’ve got these chiselled teeth and on here, this is the wear area, so as this wears down, you undo the bolt at the back and you can rotate the tooth round and that’ll give you a second life, you can use the other cutting edge on the top there. The mulchers got 2 hydraulically activated doors and on the rear of these doors, there are some metal veins in there, so once I’ve brought the tree down and chopped it up, I do that with the door open. I close the door then and I go over that material again and that brings the material around the drum and shreds it on those other veins in here. The rear door I normally have that down because there’s chains on the rear door and that will slow the flow of material down so it’s not throwing it all over the yard, if there’s an application where I need to swing at the tree from the rear, I can open that door up and the drums nicely open and  I can feed the material in, so with the 2 doors I can control how much material flows out of the mulching head so it’s not throwing it all over this roadway for example.

5:29 – 5:34 Keep following the page for updates on our next episode

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