Everything you ever need from a dozer
Everything you ever need from a dozer


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By Caterpillar | Posted: January 16, 2023

There are dozers, and then there are Cat dozers. With a reputation for getting the job done, these machines deliver performance and value on any site in the world.

Whether the job is moving material or finish grading, there’s a Cat dozer made for it. So, let’s take a closer look at the mid-size dozers.

These machines, which have recently gone through a nomenclature change, are now called the D5, D6, D7 and D8 and range in size from 17,180 to 40,233 Kilos and in power from 127 to 264 kW/170 to 354hp.

The dozers are visually striking with the elevated sprocket undercarriage that creates their distinctive triangular track. This design contributes to greater productivity while helping to reduce risk of damage from accumulated dirt or rocks. 

The Assist package, which includes innovative operator assist technologies, is available on the D5, D6, D6 XE and D7. These technologies help improve operator efficiency, machine productivity and fuel economy. The optinal Assist package includes Cat Grade with Slope Assist™, Stable Blade, Slope Indicate, Blade Load Monitor, Traction Control and AutoCarry™;

Cat Grade with 3D uses GPS/GNSS signals to automatically adjust the blade lift and tilt while following a design plan. This option helps take efficiency to the next level while contributing to job site safety. The system is available as a factory option, or can be field installed at a later date.

For those working in hazardous environments, there’s Cat Command. This remote-control technology provides full dozer manoeuverability from a safe distance. Cat Command is available with line-of-sight consoles or non-line-of-sight Command Station.

Ready to find your next Cat dozer ? Contact your local Cat dealer expert who can help you find the perfect machine for the work you do ?


D5 & D6

The D5 and D6 (formerly D6N and D6T) have options for standard or low ground pressure (LGP) and traditional bulldozer blade or Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade. These options, along with automatic transmission, make these machines highly versatile. They give operators exceptional agility, power to move bulk material, and the finesse to achieve best quality finished grades.


The D6 XE is the world’s first high drive Electric Drive dozer. There are no gears to shift, and constant power to the ground helps deliver up to 35% better fuel efficiency than its predecessor. *

*Compared to 2014-2016 3-speed D6T

Dozer Cat D5 working
Dozer Cat D7 working

D7 & D8

The D7 & D8 are the machines for those who prioritize productivity in their earthmoving operations. They’re heavier, have greater horsepower and more blade capacity than previous models. They’re also built with advanced powertrains. These improvements allow operators to move more material per hour with exceptional fuel efficiency

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