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VisionLink® Maximizes Fleet Management Capabilities

What have your machines been keeping from you? No matter what size your fleet may be, VisionLink® gives you the insights you need to take action. An updated interface helps you improve fuel efficiency, reduce idle time, address machine faults and boost profitability across all your assets. VisionLink puts the power of knowing in your hands.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, WBHO is an award-winning multidisciplinary construction company. See how VisionLink® helped WBHO create a state-of-the-art preventative maintenance program to keep their equipment up and running 24/7.


See how Guho Corp uses VisionLink to monitor machine hours, maintenance schedules and fault codes to reduce downtime and fuel usage, while maximizing efficiency.


VisionLink lets site managers at Duininck Construction monitor their fleet without having to be out on site with the machines. As a result, the company has developed a more successful preventative maintenance program for all 400 assets.


Blattner Energy is using VisionLink to reduce manual processes. With automatic reporting, VisionLink gets fault code information to the right people much more quickly, helping to streamline their business and keep their remote assets up and running.


VisionLink has helped Goodmanson Construction grow and manage their fleet. Remote monitoring enables their machines to keep working while sending timely, accurate performance and machine condition information to the people who need it most.


Learn how VisionLink takes the guesswork out of fleet management. By sending key insights from every asset right to your desktop or mobile device – regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer – VisionLink helps you make smarter, more informed decisions every day.

See how WBHO, an award-winning construction company in Johannesburg, used VisionLink® to create a preventative maintenance program that keeps their operation running 24/7.
VisionLink helps Guho Corp increase productivity, save time and improve their bottom line.
Duininck Construction uses VisionLink remote monitoring and mixed-fleet capabilities to improve their feet management and maintenance programs.
Blattner Energy relies on VisionLink to get fleet management informtion to the people who need it more quickly and accurately.
Remote monitoring and reporting through VisionLink helps Goodmanson Construction manage and grow their business.
By sending key insights from every asset right to your desktop or mobile device, VisionLink takes the guesswork out of fleet management.



Updated User Interface

VisionLink is easier to use than ever. A new, best-in-class user interface gives you more control with fewer clicks.

• Additional Timeline and Calendar views facilitate maintenance planning and scheduling.

• New issues and tasks pop up where they're needed most.

• Manage notes and attach files to pending, scheduled and completed service events.

• Create weekly work order schedules for service technicians.

• Communicate and manage work updates directly in application.

With a fresh look and streamlined functionality, VisionLink helps you do more with your asset data than ever before, so you can get more done in less time.

Mixed-Fleet Capabilities

Connect with your full fleet — regardless of brand — including Cat and non-Cat equipment, connected, non-connected, owned, rented or leased assets. VisionLink puts you in control. You can customize what you want to see, and organize by asset group, jobsite or project. You can monitor, track and anaylize anything from your entire fleet down to individual assets.

Plus, you can easily apply new filtering options, giving you the ability to specify assets, lists, date ranges and more.

Whether you're just getting connected or already an expert-level user, VisionLink puts the power of knowing well within your grasp.



Easy Communication And Collaboration

With the ability to share data and results across your organization, VisionLink helps to eliminate email overload and duplicate work.

• A "Needs Review" function brings essential information and insights front and center. You can quickly review tasks and assign them, resolve or dismiss completed tasks and monitor the progress of tasks assigned to others.

• Manage notes and attach files to pending, scheduled and completed service events.

• In-app notifications can be customized to user and organizational preferences.

With no user licensing requirements, you can share data and results within the tool with as many people as needed.

Identify Trouble Spots And Take Action

VisionLink lets you visualize assets across your operation, while providing alerts that help you weed out inefficiencies and look for opportunities to improve production.

• Identify over or underworked assets with improved KPIs and target setting.

• Reduce idle time with Excessive Idle Threshold management and reporting.

• Spot issues at a glance with improved asset-to-asset and time-series charting.

• Use improved analytics to more accurately predict required maintenance and adjust schedules to avoid disruptive downtime.

The power of VisionLink lies is giving you the information you need, right when you need it. It's a powerful tool that will help you know more about what's happening, respond more quickly and keep your jobsite moving.



Access Your Data From Anywhere

Stay in touch when you're on the go. VisionLink lets you access your data and fleet insights from anywhere — with full functionality — on your laptop or mobile device.

Ask your Cat dealer for a demonstration of what's new in VisionLink. See for yourself why it pays to put the power of knowing in your hands.

Cat® Know Your Fleet Tool

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Cat® Know Your Fleet Tool

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No matter what equipment you use on your jobsites, VisionLink can help you monitor, track and manage it more effectively. You can connect your machines and other owned, rented or leased assets — from any manufacturer — using factory or aftermarket telematics hardware. Check out all the available Product Link™ hardware and get connected today.









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