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The nuclear industry demands the highest levels of commitment and quality standards from its suppliers and machinery. There are few industries where safety is more important in the design, operation and maintenance of the constituent machinery and components. With exacting standards and specifications for standby and emergency power, Cat® generators meet this challenge.

With the most extensive product range in the industry and comprehensive nuclear knowledge, the Caterpillar team is equipped to provide precise solutions when:

  • Replacing aging generators 
  • Maintaining an existing system 
  • Designing and installing an entirely new fleet

Across the broad spectrum of nuclear power applications: 

  • Emergency diesel generators (EDGs) - An immediate back-up power source to any reactor 
  • Station Black Out units (SBOs) - Responding to complete power loss 
  • Mobile power containers on trailers – Offsite and crisis response units acting as the ultimate source of power 


Improving Nuclear Plant Safety

When deadlines, budgets and installation environment are constrained, our modular SBO installations offer product completed in a controlled factory environment and installed at site within a few days. This sets a new benchmark in terms of deployment velocity and simplicity of installation, minimizing site works and onsite disruption. 

One such installation was implemented at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant in the Czech Republic. See how Caterpillar manufactured, delivered and installed a modular, fully integrated, post-Fukushima SBO solution in less than 12 months. 

Electric Power products

Electric Power products

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Cat generators meet and exceed nuclear quality standards. Our equipment undergoes rigorous type testing and seismic qualification. Material traceability documentation and quality management for certification according to KTA, IEEE, GHOST or other standards, as they are applicable, also accompany our product.  

With nuclear reactor lifespan now extending up to 60 years, you need an electric power provider with staying power. With almost a century in the electric power industry, Caterpillar has just that. From design to legislative approval to installation, we offer unrivalled guidance and support in the specification, integration, and future maintenance of your emergency diesel generator installation. 

Serious about patient safety, they trust Caterpillar for power

Patient safety is a top priority at Vista; however, operating a surgical facility on an island that has an unstable power grid is dangerous and likely to cause serious problems.“There can be no disruptions in power flow as critical eye surgeries take place on a daily basis.” said Angie Jiménez, Business Office Manager for Vista.

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