Underground Mining Trucks AD63 More Payload. More Power. More Profitability.

Features At A Glance

Power Train – Engine: The EU Stage V Emissions Cat® C27 engine is designed for power, reliability and efficiency.
Power Train – Transmission: More power to the ground for greater productivity.
Engine/Power Train Integration: Intelligent electronics for overall optimal performance.
Cat® Brake System: Superior control for operator confidence.
Operator Comfort: Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, control and productivity.
Truck Body Systems: Rugged performance and reliability in tough underground mining applications.
Structures: Rugged Cat structures – the backbone of the AD63’s durability.
Serviceability: More time for production.
Customer Support: Cat dealer services keep underground mining equipment productive.
Safety: Designed with safety as the first priority.
Manufacturing: A focus on quality and safety.

Product Specifications for AD63

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Operating Specifications


Weight Distribution


Final Drives

Body Hoist

Body Capacities

Turning Dimensions

Service Refill Capacities



AD63 Standard Equipment


  • Brake retarder control, automatic
  • Brakes:
    – All wheel disc
    – Oil cooled
    – Parking brakes, four wheels
  • Control throttle shifting
  • Engine:
    – Cat C27 12 cylinder diesel engine
    – EU Stage V
    – Air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC)
    – Fuel priming aid
  • Transmission, automatic planetary power shift (7F/1R)
    – Gear blockout with tray up, programmable
    – Ground speed limiting, programmable
    – Torque converter with automatic lockup
  • Four wheel drive
  • Remote transmission cooler


  • Alarm, reversing
  • Alternator, 215 amp
  • Disconnect switch, 2 post, ground level
    – Electric starting, 24V
  • Lights, LED:
    – Headlights with dimmer switch
    – Light, brake and tail
    – Lights, reversing, automatic when reverse gear selected
  • Work light, rear, cab mounted
    – Receptacle GP, auxiliary start
    – Shutdown switch, ground level
    – Product Link Elite
    – Machine health information


  • Cab, enclosed:
    – ROPS/FOPS certified
    – Tilt (cab is able to tilt 43° for maintenance access)
    – HVAC, electric
  • Caterpillar Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS), (dash instrument panels)
  • Operator Presence System
  • Automatic Brake Application (ABA)
  • Brake Gauges, Front and Rear
  • Idle timer (programmable)
  • Light, residual brake pressure
  • Low hydraulic oil level alarm
  • Low park brake pressure indicator
  • Mirrors, rear view
  • Radio ready
  • Seat, trainer/passenger with seat belt
  • Steering wheel, tilt/telescopic
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Windshield wiper and washer
  • TLV2 Cat Comfort Air Seat


  • Tires must be selected from the mandatory attachments section
  • Rims (set of 4):
    – Five piece
    – Tubeless


  • Adapters, oil sample
  • Alarm, tray up
  • Axle suspension, front
  • Belly guards
  • Bumpers, front, rubber
  • Cap, radiator, manual release
  • Catalytic exhaust purifier/muffler
  • Covers, exhaust
  • Handholds
  • Handrails, fold down
  • Dump body
  • Firewall
  • Hitch, articulated and oscillated
  • Hydraulic Burst Protection
  • Lifting lugs, frame
  • Secondary steering
  • Tow pin, front and rear
  • Tire Arrangement:
    – Tire, 35/65 R33 VSNT Bridgestone
  • Ventilated covers

AD63 Optional Equipment


  • Battery Shutdown
    – Ground Level Isolation, In Cab Isolation Switch
    – Ground Level Isolation, Engine Shutdown Switch
    – Ground Level Isolation, In Cab Isolation, Engine Shutdown Switch
  • Body Dump
    – Body, (32.6 m³/42.6 yd³)
    – Body, (33.8 m³/44.2 yd³)
    – Body, (36.6 m³/47.9 yd³)
    – Body, (38.3 m³/50.1 yd³)
  • Body Ejector
    – Ejector, (26.9 m³/35.2 yd³)
    – Ejector, (29.1 m³/38.0 yd³)
  • Body Liners, Impact and/or Wear
    – 10 mm, Body, Dump (26.9 m³/35.2 yd³)
    – 10 mm, Body, Dump (32.6 m³/42.6 yd³)
    – 10 mm, Body, Dump (33.8 m³/44.2 yd³)
    – 10 mm, Body, Dump (36.6 m³/47.9 yd³)
    – 10 mm, Body, Dump (38.3 m³/50.1 yd³)
  • Body Wear Plate, External
    – 8 mm, Body, Dump (26.9 m³/35.2 yd³)
    – 8 mm, Body, Dump (32.6 m³/42.6 yd³)
    – 8 mm, Body, Dump (33.8 m³/44.2 yd³)
    – 8 mm, Body, Dump (36.6 m³/47.9 yd³)
  • Body Wear Protection Option: wear strip to cover edge of the pusher plate or full length of the ejector body tub side walls must be selected if the ejector body was chosen
  • External Wear Plates for Ejector Bodies
  • Brake Pressure Gauges
  • Camera, Color Rear Facing
  • Cover, Anti Vandalism for Shipping
  • Aftertreatment Options
    – DPF (Flow Through)
    – DPF (Wall Flow)
  • Fast Fill System
    – Coolant
    – Engine Oil
    – Fuel (Dual Tanks)
    – Hydraulic Oil
    – Transmission Oil
  • Ansul Fire Suppression, Wet 76L (AS5062)
  • Fluids
    – Arctic Fuel
    – Arctic Coolant
  • Lighting
    – Headlights with Dimmer Switch, LED
    – Rear Work Light (Cab Mounted), LED
    – Reversing Lights, LED
  • Lubrication System
    – Automatic, Dump or Ejector Body
  • Operator Station
    – Sun Visor
  • Park Brake Switch Engagement
    – Push to Apply
    – Pull to Apply
  • Payload
    – Truck Payload Measurement System (TPMS), Dump Body Only
  • Reflective Tape
  • Rims
    – Rim Identification Numbering
    – Spare, Tubeless
  • Seat Cover
    – Cat Comfort TLV2
    – Seat Cover, Companion
  • Service Tools
    – Body Pin Removal Tool
    – Collet Jacking Bolts, Dump or Ejector
    – Hoist Cylinder Supports (for Body Removal)
  • Window Dual Panel
  • NOTE: Not all features are available in all regions.
  • See your Cat dealer for more information

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