Dependable power for delicate freeze-drying processes

Embu, Brazil

Peak load shaving and standby power

Two Olympian™ GEP750 600 kW diesel generator sets
System design, installation, and maintenance
Equipment financing from Cat® Financial




With the largest and most modern freeze-drying capabilities in Brazil, Liotécnica specializes in dehydrating foods, including Amazon super fruits such as acai and acerola. The company is also an ingredient supplier and co-packer of branded consumer products such as instant soup, powdered drinks, and juices. 

Over the past several years, consumer demand for the acai berry has grown exponentially, but, once harvested, the berry’s antioxidant and other nutritional benefits begin to degrade within 24 hours. Liotécnica has perfected freeze-drying methods that effectively capture these highly unstable nutritional components.

Located just outside São Paulo at the end of a utility line, the Liotécnica facility often experiences frequent reductions in power from the primary power supplier, and outages are common. These power interruptions are costly and detrimental to the freeze-drying process, which is time-sensitive and requires a consistent flow of power.  



In 2010, Liotécnica installed two Olympian GEP750 600 kW diesel generator sets, which were assembled in Piracicaba, Brazil. This solution was initially configured to ensure a constant flow of power when the prime utility source failed, but representatives from Sotreq, the local Cat dealer, suggested the company also use the generator sets for peak load shaving for further cost reductions.  

Sotreq consultants created a modular design for the system so, as the factory expands, Liotécnica can easily add more generator sets without re-engineering the entire facility.  

According to Mr. Evaldo Corrêa de Assis, manager of strategic projects, Liotécnica selected Olympian generator sets because the entire solution was available from a single source of high-quality products with an excellent reputation. The availability of attractive financing options from Cat Financial also played a key role. 



By using the Olympian generator sets for peak load shaving for about three hours each day, Liotécnica’s overall electrical costs have dropped by 30 percent, and company officials expect to recover the cost of their investment within two years.  

Liotécnica also signed a maintenance contract with Sotreq, which includes routine inspections, service, and parts. Corrêa de Assis noted that this maintenance contract has kept their generator sets working better because the products are taken care of by experts from Sotreq.

In 2011, Liotécnica faced two long-duration power outages, one lasting 28 hours and the other lasting over 46 hours. Corrêa de Assis reported that the Olympian generator sets immediately reacted to maintain the power supply and allowed Liotécnica to keep a normal production schedule.  

As a result, the backup power supply protected company revenue by preventing damages to product that could result from an unexpected stoppage in production.

“Our freeze-drying process requires a reliable, affordable source of power, and these Olympian generator sets ensure that the power stays on when we need it,” said Corrêa de Assis. “From the initial design of the power solution to ongoing service and maintenance, Sotreq has been with us every step of the way to keep the wheels running.”

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