analysis expertise
analysis expertise

World’s Largest In-House OEM Fluid Analysis Program

When you choose Cat® S•O•S Services, you get the benefit of half a century of experience in fluid testing. We began sampling oil for metals, viscosity, particle count, and contamination back in 1968, then expanded our expertise to include coolant and diesel fuel. Today, S•O•S Services is the world’s largest in-house OEM fluid analysis program. With this rich history, we can accurately predict component failures before they happen, and we continue to innovate to get you reliable, valuable information—fast.

Fast, Reliable Results Around the Globe
With seven Caterpillar ISO 9001 certified labs worldwide, plus more than 90 dealer labs, you can count on quick turnaround and knowledgeable interpretations no matter where you’re located. That means you find out sooner if your products—Cat equipment or equipment from a host of other brands—are at risk for potential failure, so you can make informed decisions to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

"We're like detectives, figuring out where elevated analysis results came from. It's what we're doing with the information that gives real value to the customer."

— Dana Franklin, Caterpillar Marketing Consultant & Chemist

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Regular fluid sampling helps you plan maintenance, prevent downtime, and extend the life of your generator set.

Regular fluid sampling

S•O•S Services

If you’re already sampling with a competitor, that’s OK. But we’re confident S•O•S Services offers more value.

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S•O•S℠ Services
S•O•S℠ Services

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