Cat Hydraulic Cylinders and Rods
Cat Hydraulic Cylinders and Rods



Hydraulic cylinders and rods provide the muscle for your machines. And just like your own muscles, they need proper care. Your Cat® dealer offers repair options for a wide range of specific needs and budgets. Choose anything from reseals to full rebuilds, replacements with Reman or new components, and you’ll get the most up-to-date engineering improvements to maximize machine productivity and component life.

Five Levels of Repair Options


99.3% On-The-Shelf Availability


12-Month Cat® Parts Warranty


  1. Make the best choice to protect hydraulic performance and your bottom line. From the most basic repair to a full rebuild or replacement, genuine Cat® hydraulic cylinders and rods give you the options to fit your needs every time.
  2. Maximize your uptime by getting parts where you need them. Most cylinder and rod parts are available to ship within 24 hours.
  3. Work worry-free knowing that Cat covers the parts and even more when installed by your local dealer. Did you know that no competitor covers resultant damage when a part fails? When your Cat dealer installs the parts, both repair labor and resultant damage are covered. That is part of the genuine Cat parts warranty advantage. For piece-of-mind you can trust, choose genuine Cat parts. A cylinder failure repair can cost over $100,000 if other parts are damaged and a hydraulic system clean-out is needed. Contact your Cat dealer for full warranty details.

Common causes
of cylinder failure

High usage and harsh site conditions make major contributions to cylinder failure. Impact, corrosion and abrasion all take their toll, too, which can lead to serious machine performance issues. But surprisingly, 75-85% of hydraulic system failures are traced to contamination issues*. Simply keeping your hydraulic fluid clean through smart contamination control can significantly reduce cylinder failures and repair/replacement costs.

Hydraulic Cylinder Contamination Control
Hydraulic Cylinder Contamination Control


*According to industry standards

Parts tailored to your business

Want to see the parts that fit your equipment — and none that don’t? On Parts.Cat.Com, you can save key information, including serial numbers, past orders and payment information.

Shop Online at Parts.Cat.Com
Shop Online at Parts.Cat.Com

Repair Options for Hydraulic Cylinders


Watch as Caterpillar senior hydraulics consultant Jeremy Carter illustrates how preventing cylinder contamination and choosing the right repair option can save you time and money. Download the brochure below for more information.

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D7R Dozer Certified Rebuild Testimonial Video

Five levels of repair options
to discuss with your dealer

Check out the five repair options for hydraulic cylinders outlined below. For customized service, contamination control and management solutions, contact your Cat® dealer.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Options
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Options


Level 1: Reseal

  • Lowest-cost option

  • Restores undamaged components

  • Fast dealer turnaround or DIY kits


Level 2: Repair

  • Ideal for lightly-damaged components

  • Dealer tools and expertise assure results
  • Quick turnaround gets you back to work


Level 3: Rebuild

  • For older and worn components

  • Includes engineering updates

  • Retains reusable parts for cost efficiency


Level 4: Reman

  • When you don't have time to wait for repairs
  • Reman components are factory rebuilt

  • Available on-the-shelf for most Cat machines


Level 5: New

  • Genuine Cat parts

  • Factory-assembled and ready to go
  • Available worldwide



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