The Power of Cat® Equipment

Discover All The Advantages Of Caterpillar

Industry leading performance is what makes Caterpillar the preferred brand for professionals across industries. But while superior quality is easy to see, it's over time and throughout your ownership experience that the superior value of Caterpillar really becomes clear.

Greater Productivity, Lower Operating Costs

Cat® equipment is reliable, fuel efficient and economical to run. Greater productivity and lower operating costs results in higher profits.

Higher Trade-in and Resale Value

Cat machines retain their value and are in high demand. You get more when you sell, which lowers your overall cost of ownership.

Global Dealer Network

Every Cat machine is backed by our Global Dealer Network, long-recognized as the best in the world for parts, service and equipment.

Comprehensive Resources and Support

You expect more from the industry leader, and Caterpillar sets the standard with comprehensive programs to improve jobsite safety, train your employees, manage maintenance, and help you grow your business.

Flexible Financing and Insurance Programs

In addition to a variety of financing options for machines, Caterpillar also offers extended warranties and competitive insurance programs to protect your investment.

Put the Power of Cat to Work for You

Experience the difference of Caterpillar for yourself. Your local Cat Dealer has everything you need to get any job done.

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