Cat Undercarriage
Cat Undercarriage




Undercarriage typically represents an average 50% of a machine’s owning and operating costs, so it makes sense to invest in a system that will deliver the most value. Every Cat® undercarriage is designed by Caterpillar engineers and built to exacting specifications to match your machine and application — and deliver the lowest operating costs.


Outlasts Competitors

Because Caterpillar manufactures its own undercarriage, every component meets strict specifications and quality standards that no competitor can match. Durable, reliable components result in lower operating costs.

Cat Undercarriage — The Difference
Cat Undercarriage — The Difference

Proven Performance

Cat undercarriage is factory and field tested. Tests have shown that Cat undercarriage delivers up to 2X the life of competitive undercarriage.

Cat Undercarriage — The Proof
Cat Undercarriage — The Proof

Designed for Your Application

Cat engineers understand how application demands wear undercarriage components. They design undercarriage as a system. Each one is built to take on specific conditions such as sand, gravel, mud and clay.

Cat Undercarriage — The Design
Cat Undercarriage — The Design

Best Return on Investment

With longer wear life and lower cost per hour than competitive brands, Cat undercarriage delivers the best return on your investment. And, Cat Undercarriage Assurance offers you the best protection in the industry for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Cat Undercarriage — The Decision
Cat Undercarriage — The Decision

Undercarriage Choices
for Construction

Whether you’re clearing a site, digging a basement or doing landscaping, the undercarriage on your construction machines is critical to production speed, flotation and stability. Cat undercarriage options include complete systems as well as components designed to make a difference in your operation.

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Undercarriage for Construction Equipment
Undercarriage for Construction Equipment


Introducing Cat® Abrasion™ Undercarriage


Cat Abrasion™ is a direct replacement for SystemOne™, featuring design improvements based on real-world applications. Cat Abrasion performs better and lasts 50% longer than conventional undercarriage* in your high-abrasion, low-to-medium impact applications. Available for D3-D6 dozers.

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Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) with DuraLink™ Undercarriage

Built on proven Cat Heavy Duty undercarriage, HDXL with DuraLink™ takes performance to the next level with exceptional wear life and lower cost per hour than competitive brands in tough applications such as medium abrasion and high impact. Available for D6-D11 dozers.

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Cat® Undercarriage | HDXL with Duralink™ vs. Tall Link Design

Rubber Track Undercarriage

Cat rubber tracks improve traction, reduce machine wear, increase operator efficiency and can be customized to the work and terrain. Every rubber track is rigorously tested for fit and performance. Available for 239-299 compact track loaders and 300-310 mini excavators.

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General Duty Undercarriage

The most affordable undercarriage designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, General Duty delivers low cost per hour in light-duty, low-to-moderate earthmoving applications. Available for D6-D11 dozers, 311-349 excavators and 953-963 track loaders.

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*Compared to Cat Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) undercarriage

Undercarriage Choices
for Mining

Mining equipment puts undercarriage to the ultimate test. Cat undercarriage is built to take on the toughest environments and deliver maximum life with the lowest total operating costs in the industry.

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Undercarriage for Mining Equipment
Undercarriage for Mining Equipment


General Duty Undercarriage

General Duty undercarriage is recommended for low-to-moderate impact applications where the elevated performance of Heavy Duty undercarriage is not needed. While built to different specifications, General Duty and Heavy Duty components are interchangeable to eliminate retrofits and keep downtime to a minimum. Available for D9-D11 dozers.

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HDXL with DuraLink Undercarriage

Heavy Duty Extended Life with DuraLink is engineered with additional wear material, heat treatment and increased sealability before and after bushing turns. Specific enhancements include a link design that reduces scalloping and vibration, increased wear material, and a nut seat window redesign to eliminate cracking. Available for D9-D11 dozers.

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Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Heavy Duty undercarriage is specifically engineered for hard rock applications where impact levels range from moderate to high. Built for jobs that need a wear life of 5,000 hours or more, it’s tough enough to handle harsh impact applications with wear material designed for long life in abrasive conditions. Available for D9-D11 dozers and 6015-6090 hydraulic mining shovels.

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Undercarriage Repair Options


Undercarriage can amount to as much as 50% of owning and operating costs. Managing and maintaining undercarriage systems and components extends wear life and lowers overall operating costs.

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Tips for Undercarriage Maintenance & Management

Undercarriage wear depends on the application, underfoot conditions and skilled operation. The more you know about how to make your undercarriage last, the more money you’ll make. Find tips, selection guides and more for your excavator or dozer below.

Excavator Tips
Dozer Tips
Undercarriage Maintenance Tips for Dozers and Excavators

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Hydraulics are responsible for up to 20% of machine performance. Cat hydraulic components are built to meet the exacting specs of Cat equipment and can deliver higher pressure thresholds than competitive systems.

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