1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), ISO Coupler, Bolt-On Teeth

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Performance Series buckets improve productivity, increase material retention and reduce fuel burn with easier pile work in a wide variety of applications.

Profile Shape

Performance Series profile for easy loading and maximum carry load.

Rounded Sidebars

Penetrating rounded sidebars help funnel material into the bucket, holding more material with less spillage.

Strike Plane

Improved strike plane leads to better sight lines for faster load cycles.

Open Throat Design

Open throat design improves heap size and fill factor.


General Purpose Performance Series buckets provides higher fill factors and material retention in load and carry applications, as well as grading, leveling and dumping in a wide variety of applications and materials.

Width 95.6 in 2428.0 mm Less
Weight 1470.0 lb 666.8 kg Less
Height 46.1 in 1171.0 mm Less
Length 48.9 in 1241.0 mm Less
Capacity 2.1 yd³ 1.6 m³ Less
Base Edge Thickness 0.8 in 19.1 mm Less
Cutting Edge Thickness 0.7 in 19.0 mm Less
Interface Type ISO Coupler ISO Coupler Less