Cat Trial 10:
Tech Test

Cat Trial 10
Cat Trial 10

To Celebrate our 95th Year...

... we're bringing back something you loved and have been asking for: The Cat Trials!

Cat Trial 10: Tech Test

Choose your path...avoid the pitfalls!

Learn what it takes to become a Cat® Service Technician.

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They are your unsung heroes. They are the first line of defense, making sure your Cat® products are ready to go wherever and whenever you need it.

They are service technicians.

Whether they work for a Cat dealer, a local repair shop, or directly for you, these women and men are critical to the success of your business. There is a critical need for new, qualified technicians. Over the next decade, Caterpillar and Cat dealers alone will be hiring tens of thousands of technicians just to meet current demands.

Cat Trial 10: Tech Test celebrates the amazing work technicians do and gives them the chance to show off their skills! Technicians work in a fast-paced environment and Tech Test combines that with exciting challenges to test their skill and endurance. The course consists of four challenges: The Cat Can Test is a 3D puzzle we designed; an oversized version of the one that some dealerships use to gage mechanical aptitude. Next, we test their desire to learn, where they’ll match Cat engines to specific applications. From there, they’ll hit the troubleshooting challenge, testing their knowledge of Cat services. Then they show computer skills, where they use the Cat App to pull a parts order. And they'll finish with a safety mindset as they deliver the parts to the job site.

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Time Lapse
Awards Ceremony

Qualified technicians do so much more than turn wrenches. They understand your business. They understand your industry. They have access to all the latest tools and technology. And they have a team of people who serve as mentors, who guide them and help them learn to be the ultimate troubleshooters, doing their best to figure out the problem the first time. Plus, when they work for a Cat dealer, they’ll have access to Caterpillar engineers for the really tough challenges.

Through guided training, like the Think Big program and hands-on experience, they become experts who are knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies such as:

And in the end, you’ll have technicians as invested in understanding and taking care of your equipment as you are in your business. They let you focus on what you do best!


New webisodes will be released on the second Tuesday of the month through the end of 2021.

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When we play blocks, we play BIG. "Stack" pits five heavy equipment operators against a mountain of massive wood JENGA® blocks - the largest board game ever played with Cat® equipment.


CAT® B15 Smartphone defies "Gravity" to prove it belongs.


The “China Shop” video features an operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR Mini Excavator with the poise of a matador through a crowded shop stocked with over $40,000 in delicate merchandise.


The Cat® Trials hit the beach to go for a new world record.


With the help of Cat® power, residents of China’s remote Yuhu Village experience the wonder of the Lantern Festival.


In “Driving Range,” Japanese professional golfers Erimo and Marimo Ikeuchi tackle a desert golf course made entirely of moving Cat® machines.


In “Tug of War,” professional strongman, actor and a “mountain” of a man, Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, takes on a Cat® D10T Dozer in an epic tug of war.


In “Dominoes,” 2,700 handmade domino tiles fall perfectly into line with the help of genuine Cat® parts.


See how the iconic game of PAC-MAN® is just like your jobsite and how Caterpillar Services help you take on what’s around every corner.

China Shop
Lantern Festival
Driving Range
Tug of War


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