Component Repair Options
Component Repair Options


Reconditioning, repairing, and rebuilding major components when they reach the end of their lives makes good sense for your business. If you wait until the component fails, a repair or rebuild will be much more expensive. In addition to the cost of the repair, you’ll face the cost of lost productivity, which can seriously impact your bottom line.

Drive Train Repair Options

A worn drive train system can lead to accelerated wear and lower productivity.

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Engine Repair Options

Every engine experiences wear as a result of contact, pressure, and relative motion. However, Caterpillar components are engineered for reuse—they’re built to be rebuilt.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Options

Machine productivity and efficient hydraulics go hand-in-hand.

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Ground Engaging Tool Repair Options

Caterpillar offers “off-the-shelf” and custom Ground Engaging Tool (GET) systems that maximize machine productivity.

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Undercarriage Repair Options

Undercarriage represents 50% of owning and operating cost. That’s why managing and maintaining these systems should be a top priority.

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Planned Maintenance Repair Options

Protect your three major systems — fuel, air and lube — with planned maintenance.

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Reman Repair Options

Return engines and components to their original performance requirements, while updating them with the most current design specifications.

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To keep your machines performing at their best — and your business ahead of the competition — it pays to do component repairs before failures occur. Your Cat® dealer has lots of customized repair and rebuild offerings to help keep your equipment productive, cost-effective and on the job.

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Repair Options for Construction Equipment
Repair Options for Construction Equipment



Your Cat® dealer provides the broadest range of repair and rebuild offerings, tailored to your business needs. Performing component repairs on schedule and before failure ensures the lowest cost of repair, minimizes downtime and keeps your fleet in top shape for maximum production.

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Repair Options for Mining Equipment
Repair Options for Mining Equipment



Repair Before Failure & Save

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