Repair Options
Repair Options


You chose Cat® equipment to get the best output from your investment. That value shouldn't change throughout the equipment lifecycle. Repairs and rebuilds can add life to your machines and reduce costs to your bottom line. And no one in the industry does it better than Caterpillar. From the original design, our components are engineered to be repaired and rebuilt. What does that mean for you? Whatever your production or budget targets, we've got the expertise and options to help you find a compelling and competitive repair for your operation.

Repair Options for
Construction Equipment

To keep your machines performing at their best — and your business ahead of the competition — it pays to do component repairs before failures occur. Your Cat® dealer has lots of customized repair and rebuild offerings to help keep your equipment productive, cost-effective and on the job.

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Repair Options for Construction Equipment
Repair Options for Construction Equipment

Repair Options
for Mining Equipment

Your Cat® dealer provides the broadest range of repair and rebuild offerings, tailored to your business needs. Performing component repairs on schedule and before failure ensures the lowest cost of repair, minimizes downtime and keeps your fleet in top shape for maximum production.

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Repair Options for Mining Equipment
Repair Options for Mining Equipment

Repair Before Failure & Save

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Cat® equipment and components are built to perform for multiple lifetimes. Don’t let that extra value go to waste. Rebuild and return them to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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Retrofits & Upgrades

We constantly update our equipment to improve performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability. Talk to your dealer to see what's available and take advantage of these new offerings.

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Cat® Reman parts and components provide like-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs — all while reducing the impact on the environment.

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