Cat® Retrofits allow new or updated parts to be fitted to older Cat machines and engines. 

Retrofitting your equipment means you can add features that were available, but not purchased, when you procured your Cat product; and add features introduced on newer equipment that were not available when you purchased, rented or leased your Cat product.

Retrofits are a key component of Caterpillar’s longstanding and ongoing commitment in research and development, to extend product lifecycles of existing Cat machines and engines. As a Cat product owner you stand to benefit from of this research and development by taking advantage of our extensive retrofit product and service offerings.

When to retrofit?

  • You want a new machine but your operating budget does not allow it
  • You can’t get the new machine you want in time for your next project
  • Your existing machine is too good to sell
  • Your operators require safety, comfort and/or ergonomic improvements
  • Your existing engine is making excessive noise or emissions
  • Your existing machine has productivity and maintenance issues

With selected retrofits for Cat equipment, machines and components, you can extend working hours and service life. Cat retrofit programs and retrofit kits are expertly engineered to:

  • Enhance reliability, durability and ease of assembly
  • Update safety, comfort, performance, maintenance and appearance of your existing equipment
  • Extend useful product life
  • Add profit, resale value, company image and operator satisfaction

Cat retrofit kits and service parts are available worldwide and backed by Cat Parts warranty.


Upgrade and retrofit options are available for a number of cat machines, including:

  • Articulated Trucks
  • Cat Trailers and Multi-Terrain Loaders
  • Compactors
  • Excavators
  • Marine
  • Motor Graders
  • Off-Highway Trucks
  • Oil and Gas
  • On-Highway Trucks
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Track Type Tractor
  • Wheel Loaders

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