Cat machine rebuild cost
Cat machine rebuild cost

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild Your Cat® Machine?

Looking for an affordable alternative to buying new? Cat Financial makes it easy to extend the life of your machine with a Cat® Certified Rebuild.

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Rebuild financing and protection options


Cat equipment is built for multiple lifetimes. That makes rebuilding a smart financial decision. A machine rebuild costs much less than buying new equipment — but it does still require an investment on your part.

What if cash flow is tight? What if you haven’t budgeted for a rebuild? Or what if you’d rather spread the machine rebuild cost over time? Good news: Cat rebuild financing options help you budget for the process. And protection helps safeguard your investment.

  • Take advantage of traditional rebuild financing. You can finance a rebuilt machine just like new or used equipment. That means you can rebuild now and pay later. Keep an eye out for special financing offers, too.
  • Add peace of mind with protection. Every Cat Certified Rebuild includes a like-new warranty on all replaced parts. An Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) can be added to your rebuilt machine to protect you from unplanned repair costs due to covered defects in Cat material and manufacturer workmanship. And you can choose from multiple coverage options. Cat Certified Rebuild machines are also eligible for a Cat Customer Value Agreement to help make preventative maintenance a breeze.

  • Minimize machine waste. When you choose to rebuild your Cat machine, you are contributing to the efforts to reduce the impacts to our environment. A rebuilt machine also helps reduce greenhouse gasses, landfill waste, and the consumption of water and energy. 
Cost Benefits of Cat Rebuild
Finance a Cat rebuild for D8s, D9s, 773 rock trucks, 777 rock trucks

Top rebuild financing questions TO CONSIDER


How much does a machine rebuild cost?
Cost can vary based on the type of rebuild. A Cat Certified Rebuild typically costs about 55-60% of the price of new equipment. It holds its value, too. A Cat Certified Rebuild machine tends to have higher resale because they are rebuilt to Caterpillar approved standards, which is consistent around the world.

When will my machine be back up and running?
Depending on the type of machine rebuild, it usually takes about 8-12 weeks to rebuild an entire machine. (System or component rebuilds are generally faster.)

When's the smartest time financially to rebuild?
If your work slows down during the winter or another part of the year, that’s a smart time to schedule a rebuild. The timing will help minimize downtime and disruptions to your business. 

Do I have to rebuild the entire machine?
No. You can rebuild just the power train or hydraulic system. Or you can rebuild components like engines, transmissions, torque converters, axle assemblies, differentials and final drives. Your Cat dealer can help you decide what makes the most sense for your equipment.


A Cat® Certified Rebuild costs about 55-60% of a new machine

Cat Certified Rebuild: Get the Maximum Return on Your Investment

Not all rebuilds are created equal. It isn’t easy to return a machine or system to like-new condition. The process requires trained professionals, special equipment and access to the latest engineering updates.

Your local Cat dealer has all that and more. Here’s how your business can benefit from choosing the Cat Certified Rebuild Program:

  1. You get more value from your investment. Caterpillar engineers equipment and components to perform for multiple lives. If you replace a machine after one lifetime, you leave that extra value on the table. Your rebuilt machine can receive a Rebuild Identification Number which can help it retain its value for future resale opportunities.

  2. You can keep the equipment you like using. You don’t have to invest time and effort learning how to operate new equipment when you rebuild. There’s no downtime for training and no adjustment period before operators and technicians can go to work.

  3. You can update older machines to current standards. Cat machines get more productive, safer to operate and easier to service every year. Having engineering updates introduced after equipment was manufactured means your rebuilt machine may perform better than when it was new.

  4. You can upgrade optional features and technologies. Maybe you want to add grade control or payload weighing. Install a seat belt reminder or camera system. Make operation safer or more comfortable. You can do all that and more when you upgrade features and technologies during a rebuild.

  5. You get same-as-new support and services from your dealer. Your local Cat dealer has the parts, service and expertise to keep your rebuilt equipment on the job.

  6. Rebuild for Sustainability. Caterpillar and Cat Financial are committed to sustainability. When you rebuild a Cat machine you already own, you are doing your part to minimize machine waste.


With your choice of special offers happening right now, there’s never been a better time to rebuild.


Ready to take the next step?


Have more questions about anything from rebuild pros and cons to machine rebuild costs? Contact your local Cat dealer. The experts there can walk you through the options and recommend a solution for your business.


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