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Gensets Sustain Restaurant After Hurricane

Nearly every day for two months after Hurricane Maria, Jorge Fernandez and Josue Colon gave grateful hugs and kisses to their Cat® generator. The two owners of El Manjar Criollo restaurant in Puerto Rico were depending on their genset to provide electricity to keep their business open.

Not only are the doors open, but business at El Manjar Criollo is booming. Thanks to their Cat generator, it was the only restaurant open for miles in the months after the storm, and one of the only businesses in their neighborhood with electricity.

Fernandez and Colon originally purchased the genset from Rimco Cat a year ago when they opened their new restaurant location. “We wanted to make sure we had backup power to keep our refrigerators running and the food fresh,” said Fernandez. “We really focus on good customer service and food quality.”

They had experience with other generator manufacturers and opted to go with Caterpillar because they wanted something reliable. “In my six years of experience in the restaurant industry, I have tried many generator brands,” said Fernandez. “They have all failed. But the Cat generator never failed.”

They definitely put the genset to the test. It was the sole source of power for two months after the hurricanes and they were running it 24/7 to keep the refrigerators and freezers cold. “We only stopped it one time in two months for an oil and filter change,” said Colon. “People asked us if we were crazy because we were running it non-stop. But we never had any problems.”

While other businesses around the neighborhood suffered generator breakdowns and were often unable to get repairs, El Manjar was going strong. Fernandez says that Rimco’s good reputation for customer service was a big reason for choosing Caterpillar.

“We’ve had a relationship with Rimco for about 10 years,” said Fernandez. “The sales person is always very transparent, and we like that we can have one reliable point of contact to get everything taken care of.”

Thus far, the generator hasn’t needed repairs, but he’s confident that the Cat dealer will be there whenever he needs them. Fernandez and Colon don’t know if their daily hugs and kisses for the genset made a difference, but both agree that the Cat generator has surpassed their expectations.

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