powering healthcare advancement

powering healthcare advancement

Delivering Around-the-clock Power for Biomedical Research at VCOM

On campus at Virginia Tech, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) opened its doors with a vision to provide healthcare for nearby underserved regions while promoting biomedical research. VCOM’s curriculum is based on a digital platform so continuous power is critical.

To ensure uninterrupted power, VCOM installed a Cat® G3412 gas generator to back up the utility feed at their Auburn campus when the building first opened. Based on a recommendation from Cat dealer Thompson Tractor, VCOM transfers the electrical load to the facility once a month.

“Every time, the generator has kicked right in and done what it’s supposed to do,” says Randy Cerovsky, facilities director for VCOM-Auburn. “We have never noticed any delay in the amount of time it takes for the generator to start up and transfer the power over. Everything just runs smoothly; we’ve never had any issues.”

Cerovsky receives email alerts when the generator runs or if issues arise. “One of the features I like is the Cat® Connect interface that enables us to receive SMTP alerts so if anything’s wrong, we get notified and call to receive service immediately.”

Technicians from Thompson Power Systems perform regular maintenance on the generator set. “Thompson Power Systems has been great to work with,” Cerovsky says.

“When we call them, if they can’t get here that day, we get a prompt response the next day. They do all of the service, and they explain everything.”    

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