The New Cat® 336D2 GC Hydraulic ExcavatorVersatile and Cost Efficient. This Cat Delivers by the Bucket Load

The New Cat® 336D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator
Big on Features. Small Bottom Line.

This versatile Cat, with its wide range of applications, can handle the toughest tasks whilst keeping operational costs low.

Big on Features. Small Bottom Line.
Less Fuel Consumption

The powerful and efficient 336D2 GC excavator uses 15% less fuel compared to the 336D2 L model, both equipped with a Cat® C9 engine.

Made of Tough Stuff

The 336D2 GC excavator features: a modified X-frame structure to provide long life and durability and robotic welding on 95% of structures which provides 3x the penetration of manual welding to prolong structural life.

Easy Does It

The 336D2 GC excavator brings you: multiple seat and joystick adjustment options to enhance operator comfort; excellent work site visibility from the cab; and automatic climate control system with 10 vents to maximise comfort.

Reduced Service Intervals

Features include service locations that can be accessed at ground level and remote mounted filters to reduce the time taken to service the machine.

Safety Built In

Hydraulic activation lever safely locks out all hydraulic functions; anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts reduce slipping in severe conditions; and full length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine.

Contact Your Local Dealer Now.

Your Cat dealer will give you all the advice you need about how the Cat 336D2 GC excavator can deliver the sort of operating efficiency you’ve always wanted from an excavator. Plus, they’ll also advise you on the buying or leasing options now available.