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Cat® Repair Options

Extend Life and Maximize Value with Repair Options & Maintenance Tailored to Your Needs

We want to help you find the best ways reduce your cost of ownership. We’ll work with you — combining your experience with ours. We’ll compare it to data from thousands of Cat® machines and have our highly-trained technicians make recommendations. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to make decisions with confidence.

Myth: Cat® dealers are more expensive

Expense is relative to the value of what you receive in return. With a Cat dealer, you receive the highest quality parts and premium service. But they also have lower cost options. They even have kits available if you choose to do your own repair.

Myth: Cat dealers over-repair

If you have a shorter-term ownership plan, immediate production needs or other special circumstances, your Cat dealer will help you choose the best value option.

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Customer Stories

Testimonials and success stories from customers that buy, lease or rent Cat® equipment. Customer stories about Cat Engines, Equipment and Service.

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Financing & Insurance

A Cat our finance & insurance representatives can provide the best solution for your business. Find out how our representatives can help you get the most out of your investment, whether you need to finance construction equipment, a boat with a Cat engine or a power supply backed by a Cat generator.

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Cat® Technology

We are constantly developing and refining advanced technologies to help make your equipment more productive and efficient.

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Connect with the Experts

Connect with the Experts! Learn from the experts and get advice from your peers - check out or blogs and online forums.

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Cat® Dealer Service

The Cat dealer network is always ready to help. Find your dealer and read the latest in electric power service and support.

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The Power of Cat® Equipment

While superior quality is easy to see, it's over time and throughout your equipment ownership experience that the superior value of Caterpillar really becomes clear.

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