Energy Company Reduces Maintenance Time & Costs

What happened?

An energy company in the Middle East runs 100 Cat® 3516B power modules, all maintained and repaired under a Customer Support Agreement with the local Cat dealer. The dealer recommended adding Cat Connect technology to the power modules so they could be managed more efficiently from a central location. After the assets were connected, the dealer had easy access to reliable data about location, performance, and health, which made it possible to reduce repair time and costs, improve maintenance accuracy, and drive uptime and customer satisfaction to higher levels.

What was the underlying cause?
Adding Cat Connect technology helped the dealer execute the support agreement efficiently and accurately. Key improvements:

  • No site visits for SMU collection. Hours are tracked automatically with no human effort required—saving time, lowering costs, and improving accuracy.
  • More precise data for maintenance planning. Scheduling efficiency can be optimized with better data about asset hours, location, and performance.
  • Faster repairs, done right the first time. Troubleshooting can often be done remotely and in advance, so technicians are dispatched with everything they need to complete a job in one trip.
  • Quick, efficient fueling. Fuel trucks are sent to the right location at the right time, saving time and costs.

What was the value?
Cat Connect is delivering benefits to both the dealer and customer:

  • 180 hours of labor time eliminated every month. Because operating hours are captured remotely, the time and costs associated with manually collecting that data have been completely eliminated.
  • 5 hours of travel and troubleshooting time saved with every repair. Because preliminary troubleshooting takes place remotely before a technician is dispatched, repairs can be completed faster with fewer trips to the site.
  • 95%+ maintenance accuracy. Easy access to operating data allows the dealer to plan and perform most maintenance on time, improving performance and uptime.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The fleet is being operated, maintained, and repaired efficiently, reducing the burden on customer employees and freeing them to manage their business.
  • Positive customer experience, growing loyalty. After having a negative experience with another manufacturer, this customer reports a positive experience with the Cat dealer. A stronger relationship drives long-term loyalty and increases the opportunity to earn future business.

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Cat® Connect for Electric Power

Cat Connect can give you the timely information you need. Using data from your assets and easy-to-use analysis tools from your Cat dealer, you can make well-informed and timely business decisions that can help you control costs, improve performance and reduce risk.

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