Remote Monitoring Reduces Risk, Improves Peace of Mind

What happened?

A large resort and casino in New Mexico uses five Cat® generator sets for standby power. To reduce risk, the owners asked the Cat dealer to equip one unit with Cat Connect technology, then monitor and manage the asset remotely to ensure readiness for service. After installing the technology, the dealer received alerts about three events. Each time the owners were notified immediately by text. All issues were resolved quickly, allowing the owners to manage risk proactively and avoid the costs of an unexpected power outage. The owners—now sold on the value of Cat Connect for standby power applications—connected four more assets, including two mechanically controlled units.

What was the underlying cause?
Three issues were identified remotely and resolved proactively:

  • The breaker switch was in the “off” position. After receiving an alert, the dealer notified the owners who turned the switch on. If this simple human error had gone undetected, standby power would not have been available in case of an emergency.
  • The alternator was overcharging the batteries. This issue was detected during a weekly run designed to confirm readiness for service. Fault code data generated when the generator set shut down helped the dealer technician find and fix the alternator problem fast.
  • The block heater failed. The generator set is equipped with a block heater that stays on when the unit is not operating, keeping the coolant temperature at a level that will protect the engine from cold weather starting problems. When an alert revealed that the coolant temperature had dropped below the preset threshold (90°F), the technician was able to troubleshoot the block heater problem quickly and bring the right parts to the site for a fast, efficient repair.

What was the value to the customer?
The most important benefit has been risk reduction and peace of mind. This hotel includes hundreds of guest rooms, multiple dining areas, a retail store, a spa, a concert venue, and a meeting space. If a power outage occurs and standby power is not delivered, the owners could incur huge costs associated with:

  • Fire safety, theft, and other security concerns
  • Guest dissatisfaction and damaged reputation
  • Business system interruption (check-ins, check-outs, reservations, billing)
  • Food and beverage waste

Now that all five generator sets are being monitored remotely and managed proactively, the owners have reduced risk and improved their ability to deliver a quality guest experience, even if a power outage were to occur.

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Cat® Connect for Electric Power

Cat Connect can give you the timely information you need. Using data from your assets and easy-to-use analysis tools from your Cat dealer, you can make well-informed and timely business decisions that can help you control costs, improve performance and reduce risk.

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Cat® Connect for Electric Power

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