Reliability builds a long-term partnership

Scott Data Center trusts Cat power to protect their data

Scott Data Center in Omaha, Nebraska provides primary storage space, disaster recovery and a backup location for more than 50 companies worldwide. Originally, the U.S. Department of Defense was their sole tenant, so the building was built to minimize risk from natural and outside forces.

When Scott Data Center expanded with an additional 30,000-square-foot power plant, facility managers worked with local Cat® dealer, NMC Power Systems. to install four new Cat 3516 diesel gensets for 20 MW of power controlled by a customized, completely automated switchgear system, designed with an N+1 configuration, which means the failure of any one unit will not impact the facility.

“Caterpillar custom designed everything for us,” said Scott Pollard vice president of operations. “Since its installation in 2012, we have had zero problems—it has worked flawlessly.”


Today, the facility serves as a primary data center for more than 50 companies, including multiple Fortune 500 corporations, such as Major League Baseball. It is certified by the Uptime Institute as a level Tier 3 data center, meaning it can run constantly without downtime for maintenance or system upgrades.

The long-term reliability of Cat equipment and excellent service has resulted in a lasting partnership. Future expansion plans call for the addition of four more Cat 3516 generator sets.

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Cat® gensets protect the information businesses rely on, safeguard online transactions, and store critical content for easy access. They are tailored to fit your needs by the Custom Power Solutions team. For continuous, standby, and temporary power, they are integrated with Cat UPS systems, ATS, and switchgear to ensure high efficiency and meet current EU and U.S. EPA emission standards.

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Businesses and other organizations rely on data centers to organize, process, store and distribute large amounts of data with 100 percent uptime. Cat® 3516C generator sets make sure that happens.

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