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data centers
data centers

Energy Solutions for Data Centres

The data we generate is increasing exponentially. Securing important information from being compromised or lost is vital and can only be guaranteed with a constant source of quality power.

Make Cat® Electric Power the source for your data centre power needs. Our team will support you with dependable power solutions and expertise, keeping your data facilities and customers connected.

You make uptime commitments to your customers, so our power solutions meet your needs for:

  • Transient Response
  • Quick Start Capability
  • Block Load Acceptance
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Noise Suppression
  • Fuel Efficiency & Sustainability

No matter your requirements for power output, responsiveness, and power maintenance, we offer integrated systems and solutions that meet them and give you continuous power and optimal control.

Our global dealer network will support you every step of the way, from design and specification to installation and commissioning and right through the lifetime of your power solution. Comprehensive service and maintenance agreements give you total peace of mind so you can focus on what matters: Keeping data safe.

Generators for Data Centres

data centre

There’s a lot at stake when the power goes out. Caterpillar provides reliable standby power that’s ready for the unexpected. Choose from several options that protect your data centre and keep you connected.

Cat diesel back up generator sets are designed to match your specific needs and budget, while delivering legendary Caterpillar reliability.

Our industry-leading natural gas standby generator sets offer reliable power and fast response, with the added benefit of lower emissions and energy costs compared to diesel.

Cat Emergency Backup Power Solutions Offer:

  • Quick start capability
  • Global emissions compliance
  • Fuel efficiency & sustainability
  • Top-notch performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Best-in-class service and support from the Cat® dealer network

Need reliable prime power generation as well? No matter the application, we have a power solution that will meet your needs.

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Safeguarding Your Data and Your Reputation, Now and for the Future

The demand for data centre services is growing at an incredible rate, and so is the need for sustainable, quality, conditioned power. For your customers, downtime is not an option, and a lower carbon future is a priority. This, your unique challenges, and every critical item on your checklist, from “five-nines” reliability to ESG goals, drive our design for your data centre’s power system.

Like fingerprints, no two applications are the same. That’s why Caterpillar offers the widest portfolio of reliable power products in the industry and the engineering experience to support you throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Together with our global dealer network, we serve hundreds of data centres around the globe from hyperscalers to enterprise, co-location data centres, and beyond. No matter where you are in the process of planning, building, or expanding, we can support you in the design, specification, and completion of the right power system solution.

Should your operations grow and expand across markets and regions, Caterpillar and the Cat dealer network ensure your needs are met, wherever and however you work.

Energy Solutions for a Reduced Carbon Future


Data centres need sustainable, quality, conditioned power to meet the requirements of customers for whom downtime is not an option and for whom a low-carbon future is a priority.

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data center brochure
Edward Hospital

Cat® Diesel Generator Sets Supply Emergency Power to World's Tallest Data Centre

Sabey Corporation developed Intergate.Manhattan into what is now the tallest data centre in the world. Located in New York City, the facility presents a unique set of challenges including security, preservation and power loss. Sabey relies on its partnership with the local Cat® dealer, H.O. Penn, for emergency backup system support and critical data management.

Data delivered when and where you need it.

Our global team is making service and support accessible to you, anywhere in the world. Your customers rely on you — give them the most reliable power.

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Products for the Data Centre Industry

Below are just some of the products frequently applied to back-up applications in Data Centres


Product Support

We appreciate your investment in Cat® electric power products. Now we’d like to show you what comes with it. Caterpillar and your Cat dealer are dedicated to making sure you get the most from your equipment with outstanding service and support. Let’s explore what services we have to offer.

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Caterpillar is pleased to provide information on new technologies as well as innovative solutions to power your business.

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Cat Connect for Electric Power

Know how your operation is running from anywhere. Cat Connect gives you the information you need to make well-informed, timely decisions.

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Caterpillar Electric Power now has two tools available for sizing gensets in any application. 

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Your Cat dealer is committed to maximizing your success, helping you get the most out of your operations with site-level solutions, service and support.

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