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Located in New York City, Intergate.Manhattan is the tallest high-rise data center in the world. For decades, a lower Manhattan telephone company operated its switching control center from the structure before the Sabey Corporation, a multi-tenant data center developer, purchased the building in 2011.

Today, Sabey oversees critical data management for a wide variety of customers including financial institutions, Internet sites and a biomedical engineering group. Sabey’s tenants require a protected environment for their data housing cabinets, and it’s safe to say security is not an issue for Intergate.Manhattan.

“We are actually located in the secure perimeter of One Police Plaza, which is the headquarters for the New York City police department,” said Mike Bosco, New York properties director of operations for Sabey. "So, in order to get any materials into this building, we have to go through a police roadblock, which creates a secure environment for our tenants.”

Intergate.Manhattan is supported by four Cat® C175 diesel generator sets that provide emergency power systems for critical operations. Equipped with a four-stroke-cycle diesel engine, the C175 is designed for reliable uptime and works with an integrated control system for improved performance.


“Cat is our emergency generator set of choice. I’ve been working with Caterpillar for almost 20 years. I haven’t installed any other type of generators in any of my facilities,” said Bosco. “One of the things is reliability and knowing that when the power goes down, the equipment is going to start up within the needed timeframe and re-feed the system. Another part of that is how the Cat dealer maintenance crew works. That reliability has always been there.”

Sabey relies on local Cat dealer, H.O. Penn, for emergency power system service and maintenance even in the most challenging situations. You can find your local Cat dealer here. While Intergate.Manhattan hasn’t been affected by any super storms, it could always happen in the future, and Bosco wants to be prepared. 

“I’ve been through three major events in the last 15 years, including the 2003 blackouts in the city of New York,” said Bosco. “I was running a building uptown with four Cat engines, and we were the only floors in the high-rise building that were still operational. That’s why we use [Caterpillar] today, and we’re going to continue to use them in the future.”

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C175-16 Diesel Generator Set

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