Reclamation U-Blades 30.6 m³ (40.0 yd³)

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Key Specs

224 in
5690 mm
Wing Angle
28 °
28 °
95 in
2413 mm


These U-blades are designed for pure production: moving bulk material at the lowest cost in time and fuel. The sidebars on the wings are near vertical for penetration into a pile—this lets the operator cut a load loose from a larger mass. The side wings are angled toward the center, and the moldboard is both tall and curved to push the material to the center of the blade and cause it to roll. The bottom line is that this blade will move more with less effort than using another blade type.

Product Specifications for 30.6 m³ (40.0 yd³)

Width 224 in 5690 mm
Wing Angle 28 ° 28 °
Height 95 in 2413 mm
Weight 14200 lb 6441 kg
Capacity 40 yd³ 30.6 m³

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