Cat® Hybrid Energy Solutions

Cat® Hybrid Energy Solutions
Cat® Hybrid Energy Solutions

Hybrid Microgrid Solutions



Microgrids are self-sufficient energy systems capable of generating their own power, traditionally via generator sets or turbines. Microgrids can operate independently or in conjunction with the electrical grid/utility.

Hybrid energy solutions (HES) are microgrids that involve a combination of power sources. They can combine proven cost-effective renewable energy from wind or solar sources with conventional diesel- or gas-fuelled generation. They can also employ energy storage to add power system stability and enable further energy cost reduction. 

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are typically small-scale microgrids or hybrid energy solutions that are usually situated near sites of electricity use, bringing energy generation closer to the point of use.


Fully integrate renewable energy, battery energy storage, and conventional power generation with a full range of Cat® Hybrid Energy Solutions from 10 kW to 100 MW. Supported by your local Cat dealer, we are with you at every phase of your hybrid energy project—from installation and regular service for optimal operation to product upgrades, financing services, warranty, service agreements, and parts availability. We will customize our hybrid energy technologies to meet your business and industry needs. 

Microgrid video
Cat advanced microgrid system


Caterpillar is at the forefront of the energy transition, integrating renewable power with smart energy storage and conventional diesel-, gas-, or renewable-fuelled power generation to provide:  

  • Increased energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid and optimal total cost of ownership.
  • Efficient power that can be produced where and when it’s needed without transmission lines and transformer losses.
  • Increased renewable energy source utilization and power system stability, further enabling energy cost reduction.
  • A high performance, scalable system designed and built using standardized building blocks that are easy and quick to install even in challenging environments.
To learn more about our microgrid technology and hybrid energy systems, access our Demystifying Microgrids webinar.


Maximize Resiliency and Savings with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Energy storage systems are a key component in a hybrid microgrid and guarantee short-term backup power. Caterpillar can provide on-site energy storage systems to help stabilize transient loads, supply and absorb alternating current (AC) power, increase renewable energy source utilization, and transfer energy from time-of-generation to time-of-use. Stored energy can also be used to participate in grid services markets to avoid costs or receive financial compensation. 

Benefits of Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • Robust and pre-engineered containers that are easily installed on-site
  • Able to be operated in tandem to provide increased power output and/or increase the battery energy capacity
  • Allow optimized generator set operation
  • Allow for renewable integration
  • Suitable for grid integration and genset transient assist
  • System design integration with enhanced safety features
  • Factory prepackaged and tested
  • Reliable, modular, and scalable

Find out more about the various BESS models including Power Grid Stability (PGS), Mobile Power Grid Stability (PGS HD), Energy Time Shift (ETS), and Energy Capacity Expansion (ECE), as well as Compact ESS available for rent or purchase. 

Flexible Fuel Options
Flexible Fuel Options

The Microgrid’s Command Center

The Cat Microgrid Master Controller (MMC) acts as the hybrid energy solution’s command center, coordinating the different energy sources and enabling them to work as a single entity. Managing every source in the entire system, the MMC ensures the community loads are connected in the most economical way. 

Cat MMCs Feature:

  • Easy setup and operation
  • Controller and ethernet reliability
  • Protocol compatibility
  • High-fidelity remote monitoring
  • Large capacity on-site data storage

Total System Management

The MMC integrates a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of all connected hybrid energy solutions assets. They include:

  • Graphical user interface for monitoring and control of complete system.
  • Asset optimization to minimize the cost of energy.
  • Grid import/export control when connected to the local utility service.

Caterpillar offers a choice of MMCs designed for industrial/commercial applications. They integrate a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources within a hybrid energy solution by providing optimized monitoring and control.

View the MMC-S or MMC-M product information. 

Traditional Power Generation and Renewable Liquid Fuels

Cat hybrid energy solutions enable seamless renewable energy integration with traditional power sources, such as on-site Cat generator sets. These generator sets can provide a much-needed backstop when renewable resources, including wind and solar, are not available.

Flexible Fuel Options

All Cat diesel generators can run on biofuels and have accommodated the use of biodiesel and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) for over a decade. These fuels are available now and can help reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel.

Cat gas generator sets can also run on a variety of lower-carbon intensity fuels depending upon the model. These include:

  • Natural Gas – One of the cleanest burning fuels, natural gas can help you meet strict emission and environmental regulations compared to diesel.
  • Biogas – Byproduct gases from agricultural, food processing, and industrial processes are captured to fuel Cat low-energy fuel generators.
  • Hydrogen – Renewable hydrogen and blends of hydrogen and natural gas are among several alternative fuels to help achieve sustainability goals. 
Flexible Fuel Options
Flexible Fuel Options

Photovoltaic Solar Modules

Solar is one of the fastest growing sources of energy. This clean power source is readily available, without emissions or the need for traditional fossil fuels.

When incorporated into a hybrid microgrid, Cat advanced solar solutions help build resiliency with a renewable energy source. Converting sunlight into direct current to power microgrids, high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) solar modules not only provide power during normal operations, but also feature technology to detect power disruptions and can operate in island mode.

Features and Benefits

Superior Performance – reliable and predictable energy in all climates and applications, particularly in high temperature, high humidity, extreme desert, and coastal environments.

Robust Modules – independently tested to pass accelerated life and stress tests beyond industry standards (including Thresher, IEC, ISO, UL, CSI, MCS, CEC, and other international standards) and come with warranty protection.

Scalable, Compatible, Easy to Install – a fully scalable, pre-engineered solar microgrid system.

Podcasts and Webinars

To learn more about our microgrid technology and hybrid energy systems, access our Demystifying Microgrids webinar.


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