T15B Hydraulic Side Shift

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Designed for cutting narrow straight trenches in soil prior to laying electrical, telephone and cable lines, or water and gas pipe.

Standard Boom Length 60.0 in 1524.0 mm Less
Required Hydraulics High Flow XPS High Flow XPS Less
Overall Width 74.8 in 1901.0 mm Less
Overall Length 118.5 in 3010.0 mm Less
Weight 1054.9 lb 478.5 kg Less
Overall Height 30.9 in 786.0 mm Less
Required Hydraulic Flow 95-152 L/min (25-40 gpm) 95-152 L/min (25-40 gpm) Less
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 207-310 bar (3300-4500 psi) 207-310 bar (3300-4500 psi) Less
Drive Shaft Speed at Maximum Flow 207 rpm 207 rpm Less
Side Shift Travel 22.0 in 559.0 mm Less
Maximum Auger Clearance 21.0 in 534.0 mm Less
Spoil Auger Diameter 18.0 in 457.0 mm Less
Optional Cutting Widths 152, 203, 254, 305 mm (6, 8, 10, 12 in) 152, 203, 254, 305 mm (6, 8, 10, 12 in) Less


Designed for cutting narrow, straight trenches in the soil prior to laying electrical, telephone and cable lines, or water and gas pipe.

Direct Drive System

Direct drive system features a variable speed, bi-directional, gerotor style motor that delivers optimal chain speed, chain pull and torque for maximum trenching performance in a broad range of soil types.

Hydraulic or Manual Side Shift

Hydraulic or manual side shift provides close trenching flexibility near structures or obstructions. Hydraulic side shift, standard on the T15B (optional on T6B and T9B) is controlled from operator’s compartment using the standard flow auxiliary hydraulic circuit selector control.

Optional Chain Types and Cutting Widths

Optional chain types and cutting widths are available for specific soil, digging requirements and trench widths. These chain types include Standard, Combo, Terminator, and Rockfrost.

Large Diameter Bolt-on Spoil Auger

Large diameter bolt-on spoil auger improves loose soil removal from trenching area and allows for quick, easy removal and servicing.

Optional Bolt-on Crumber Bar

Optional bolt-on crumber bar with shoe improves soil removal to provide cleaner trench. Shoes available in size range to accommodate trench width.