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Known to excel across a wide range of dozing tasks, customers choose the D6T for everything from dozing, ripping, scraper work and land clearing to finish grading, backfilling trenches, building oil/gas/wind farm pads and working landfills.


Engine Model Cat C9 Cat C9 Less
Power - Net 200.0 HP 149.0 kW Less
Emissions Brazil MAR-1, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA Brazil MAR-1, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA Less

Engine Power - STD

Net Power - ISO 9249 185.0 HP 138.0 kW Less

Engine - STD

Note (1) Engine ratings apply at 1,850 rpm. Engine ratings apply at 1,850 rpm. Less

Engine Power - XL/LGP

Net Power - ISO 9249 200.0 HP 149.0 kW Less

Engine - XL/LGP

Note (1) Engine ratings apply at 1,850 rpm. Engine ratings apply at 1,850 rpm. Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 112.0 gal (US) 424.0 l Less


Operating Weight 45082.0 lb 20449.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - STD A-Blade 44024.0 lb 19969.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - STD SU-Blade 42834.0 lb 19429.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - XL A-Blade 45550.0 lb 20661.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - XL SU-Blade 45082.0 lb 20449.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - LGP S-Blade 48588.0 lb 22039.0 kg Less
Note (1) Operating Weight includes blade, lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, standard track, ROPS/FOPS cab, drawbar and operator. Operating Weight includes blade, lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, standard track, ROPS/FOPS cab, drawbar and operator. Less


S-Blade Capacity - LGP 4.9 yd³ 3.8 m³ Less
SU - Blade Capacity 7.3 yd³ 5.6 m³ Less
SU XL - Capacity 7.3 yd³ 5.6 m³ Less
A-Blade Capacity 5.1 yd³ 3.9 m³ Less
A XL - Capacity 5.1 yd³ 3.9 m³ Less
S-Blade Width - LGP 13.3 ft 4063.0 mm Less
SU - Blade Width 10.7 ft 3260.0 mm Less
SU XL - Width 10.7 ft 3260.0 mm Less
A-Blade Width 13.7 ft 4166.0 mm Less
A XL - Width 14.8 ft 4500.0 mm Less


  • Cab designed for operator productivity and comfort.
  • Isolation-mounted, pressurized cab reduces noise and vibration.
  • Large windows, tapered hood, notched fuel tank and narrow single-shank ripper carriage give the operator a clear line of sight to front and rear work areas.
  • Cat comfort series seat is well padded and adjustable; bolsters help support the operator during slope work.
  • Radio ready and equipped with a power converter for cellular phones and computers.
  • Single steering tiller helps operators work more precisely in tight areas.
  • Decelerator pedal gives the operator full control of engine speed when the rocker switch is in the high idle position.
  • Auto-shift/auto kickdown allows the transmission to automatically downshift under large load.


  • Components are carefully designed to maximize long term value, durability and reliability.
  • Powershift transmission and differential steering work in tandem with the Cat C9 engine to deliver outstanding power, productive performance and reliability.
  • Dual hydraulic pump system provides dedicated hydraulic power to steering and implements for outstanding steering performance and response.
  • Differential steering maintains full power to both tracks, providing best in class turning with a loaded blade or in soft ground conditions.
  • A single-stage torque divider delivers more power to the ground.
  • Durable, efficient cooling system uses aluminum bar plate construction for performance and durability.


  • Elevated sprocket design isolates final drives, axles, and steering components from harsh impacts.
  • Wide variety of undercarriage and track shoe choices to optimize performance and undercarriage life in your specific conditions.
  • The foundation of every Cat dozer is a rugged frame built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces.
  • Pinned equalizer bar gives the roller frames the ability to oscillate up and down to better match ground contours maximizing traction and operator comfort.


  • L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine for excellent maneuverability, balance and blade penetration.
  • Load-sensing hydraulics are responsive, automatically and continually adjusting hydraulic power to maximize efficiency and blade response.
  • Blades feature heavy moldboard construction and hardened bolt-on cutting edges/end bits for strength and durability.
  • Choose from a variety of rear attachments to optimize your dozer for the work you do.


  • Service access is easy with conveniently located, grouped service points and wide engine compartment access panels to helping reduce maintenance time.
  • Power train oil filter and pressure taps are remote-mounted in the right-hand fender. Quick disconnect fittings allow for fast diagnosis of the power train and hydraulic oil systems.
  • Engine oil filter is easily accessed on the right side of the engine compartment. An optional quick oil change attachment can further reduce maintenance time.
  • The modular design aids serviceability to help reduce maintenance costs.
  • Remote lubrication point in the engine compartment provides easy lubrication of the center pin of the equalizer bar as part of scheduled maintenance.
  • Product Link™ collects machine data that can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with VisionLink® and use it to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve security on your job site.


  • Waste Handler/Landfill Arrangement offers specialized guarding, striker bars and seals help protect the machine from impact and airborne/wrapping debris. Cooling is designed for high debris environments and easy cleanout. Specialized air handling features help deliver cleaner air to the machine. Landfill blades and center-hole track shoes help optimize your waste handler for the job.
  • Equip your machine for Forestry work, choosing optional sweeps, screens and added guarding to help protect the machine in harsh conditions.

D6T Standard Equipment

  • C9 diesel engine
  • Radiator, Aluminum Bar Plate
  • Air cleaner, precleaner with stratta tube dust ejector
  • Air filter with electronic service indicator
  • Aftercooler, air to air (ATAAC)
  • Coolant, extended life
  • Fan, blower, direct drive
  • Final drives, three planet single reduction planetary
  • Fuel priming pump, electric
  • Muffler, insulated with mitered stack
  • Parking brake, electronic
  • Prescreener
  • Shift management: – Automatic directional and downshift – Controlled throttle, load compensated
  • Starting aid, ether, automatic
  • Torque divider
  • Transmission, electronically controlled powershift 3F/3R speeds
  • Turbocharger, wastegate
  • Water separator

  • SystemOne
  • Carrier rollers
  • Equalizer bar, heavy duty
  • Guards, end track guiding
  • Idlers, center tread, lifetime lubricated
  • Rollers, lifetime lubricated track
  • Track roller frames, tubular
  • Track adjusters, hydraulic
  • Sprocket rim segments, replaceable

  • Alarm, backup
  • Alternator, 95 amp, brushless
  • Batteries, 2 maintenance free 12V (24V system), heavy duty
  • Converter, 12V, 10 amp with 2 outlets
  • Connector, diagnostic
  • Electric start, 24V
  • Horn, forward warning

  • Air conditioner, underhood
  • Armrest, adjustable
  • Cab, ROPS/FOPS, sound suppressed
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Differential steering control with touch shift
  • Electronic Monitoring System with coolant power train oil, and hydraulic oil temperature, fuel gauge, tachometer, odometer, gear indicator and diagnostic functions
  • Foot pads, dash
  • Heater
  • Hour meter, electronic
  • Hydraulic controls, pilot operated with electronic deactivation switch
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Radio ready
  • Seat, adjustable contour suspension
  • Seatbelt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Throttle switch, electronic
  • Wipers, intermittent

  • CD ROM Parts Book
  • Engine enclosures, perforated
  • Front pull device
  • Guards, hinged bottom
  • Hood, perforated
  • Hydrualics, independent steering and work tool pumps
  • Hydraulics, load sensing, dozer lift and tilt
  • Oil cooler, hydraulic
  • Product link ready
  • Radiator doors, louvered, hinged, fan blast deflector
  • S·O·S sampling ports
  • Tool box
  • Vandalism protection for fluid compartments and battery box

D6T Optional Equipment

  • Drains, ecology, power train
  • Prescreener
  • Grid, radiator core protector
  • Fan, ejector
  • Fan, reversible
  • Precleaner, turbine with screen
  • Precleaner, turbine without screen
  • Thermal shield arrangement

  • Undercarriage, Heavy Duty
  • Track pairs (Standard roller frame, 39 section): – Extreme Service (HD) 560 mm (22 in) – Extreme Service (SystemOne) 560 mm (22 in) – Non-Trapezoidal (SystemOne) 610 mm (24 in) – Moderate Service (HD) 560 mm (22 in) – Moderate Service (SystemOne) 610 mm (24 in)
  • Track pairs (XL non-VPAT roller frame, 41 section): – Extreme Service (HD) 560 mm (22 in) – Extreme Service (HD) 610 mm (24 in), non-trapezoidal – Extreme Service (SystemOne) 560 mm (22 in) – Extreme Service (SystemOne) 610 mm (24 in), non-trapezoidal – Moderate Service (HD) 610 mm (24 in) – Extreme Service (HD) 610 mm (24 in), trapezoidal – Extreme Service (SystemOne) 560 mm (22 in), center hole

  • Hydraulics, ripper

  • Alternator, 150 amp
  • Alternator, 95 amp, ducted
  • Heater, engine coolant, 120V
  • Batteries, heavy duty and starter

  • Lights, five
  • Lights, seven
  • Lights, eleven
  • Lights, sweeps
  • Light, warning strobe
  • Switch, disconnect, remote mounted

  • Air conditioner, ROPS mounted
  • Canopy
  • Seat, vinyl
  • Camera, rear vision
  • Cab, arrangement with screens
  • Glass, dual pane and precleaner
  • Handles, heavy duty

  • Security system, machine
  • AccuGrade ready, cab
  • Blade groups with AccuGrade mounts

  • Note: Additional guarding may be required for some tractor applications
  • Guards: – Idler seals – Crankcase, heavy duty – Radiator, hinged – Metal hose protection sleeve – Final drive, clamshell – Final drive seals – Fuel tank – Precleaner – Radiator, HD – Radiator, hinged, HD – Rear tractor – Screen, rear – Forestry – Track, moderate service – Track, full length – Track, full
  • Striker bars: – Front – Rear
  • Striker bar box, rear

  • Counterweight, additional
  • Counterweight, rear slab
  • Counterweight, rigid short

  • Please see your Cat dealer for Winch options

  • Paint, black hood and cylinders
  • Sweeps

  • 6SU
  • 6S
  • 6A
  • Blade, Landfill, 6SU

  • Ripper, multi-shank
  • Tooth, multi-shank ripper
  • Tooth, straight (1, 2 or 3)