C32 ACERT Tier 3

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IMO II/EPA Tier 3 Compliant Ratings

Separate Circuit Aftercooling System (SCAC) for A-C ratings

No seawater circulating through the aftercooling system to prevent corrosion.

Seven Ratings with Wide Operating Speed Range (WOSR)

Full power & torque are available for a broader operating speed range. For example: With an A rating at 1800 rpm - you have full power from 1500 to 1800 rpm.

Extended Oil Change Intervals

A Ratings: 1000 hours, B Ratings: 750 hours, C Ratings: 500 hours

The Cat Global Dealer Network

Extensive service network of CAT dealers as well as unparalleled service from certified authorized marine dealers.


Proven engine operating history: performance iron with thousands of hours of validation testing for quality and durability


Backed by Caterpillar's standard warranty