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Nursery Forks Hydraulic Nursery Fork

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Key Specs

Overall Length
98.1 in
2491 mm
Overall Width
52.2 in
1327 mm
798 lb
362 kg


Nursery Forks are used to move ball and burlap trees, as well as potted plants in nursery and landscaping applications.

Product Specifications for Hydraulic Nursery Fork

Overall Length 98.1 in 2491 mm
Overall Width 52.2 in 1327 mm
Weight 798 lb 362 kg
Overall Height 56.2 in 1427 mm
Usable Tine Length 70.4 in 1788 mm
Length Between Adjustments Variable Variable
Number of Adjustments Variable Variable
Total Tine Movement 393 in 15.5 mm
Angled Tine Opening Minimum at Tip 1.9 in 48.1 mm
Angled Tine Opening Maximum at Tip 47.1 in 1196 mm
Parallel Tine Opening Minimum 8.9 in 225 mm
Parallel Tine Opening Maximum 24.3 in 617 mm
Maximum Root Ball Diameter 54 in 1372 mm
Maximum Lifting Capacity 3000 lb 1361 kg
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 49-87 lpm (12-23 gpm) 49-87 lpm (12-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 170-241 bar (2500-3500 psi) 170-241 bar (2500-3500 psi)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler Skid Steer Coupler
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow, 14 Pin Electrical Standard Flow, 14 Pin Electrical

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