SE50 V Vibratory Screed

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The SE50 V vibratory screed is equipped with rear-mounted extenders and vibratory screed plates. It offers a paving range of 2.55 m - 6.5 m (8' 4" - 21' 4") and excels on highways, parking lots, urban streets and other variable width paving applications.


Standard Weight 7239.0 lb 3284.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Range 2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4") 2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4") Less
Maximum Paving Width 21.3 ft 6.5 m Less
Vibratory Speed Range 0 to 3000 vpm 0 to 3000 vpm Less
Crown Range -4% to +10% -4% to +10% Less
Maximum Paving Depth 12.0 in 305.0 mm Less
Heating Time - Standard Width 15 minutes 15 minutes Less
Heating Time - Maximum Width 25 minutes 25 minutes Less
Extender Height Range -20 mm to +50 mm -20 mm to +50 mm Less
Extender Slope Range -3% to +10% -3% to +10% Less


Transport Width - Endgates Folded 8.3 ft 2.55 m Less
Screed Plate Width - Front to Back 16.0 in 407.0 mm Less
Length - Front to Back, Endgates Removed 68.0 in 1731.0 mm Less
Length - Front to Back, Endgates Attached 92.0 in 2345.0 mm Less
Transport Length - Tractor and Screed 22.1 ft 6720.0 mm Less

Fast Heating

The 70 kW, tractor integrated generator combined with the technologically advanced screed heating system, ensures fast, even heat distribution. The 15 minute heating time at standard widths can lead to more daily production and lower fuel consumption due to less time waiting for the screed plates to reach the preset temperature. At maximum widths screed plate heating occurs in as little as 25 minutes.

Exclusive Monitoring

The exclusive generator system monitors heating elements for failure conditions in order to help plan for scheduled service events. Furthermore, temperature zone monitoring allows heating to continue in the event of a sensor failure and warning indicators are delivered through the LCD displays.

More Control

The extenders are equipped with 2 speed ranges and proportional control for better performance around obstacles. A pendant control located on the extenders enables operators to perform functions remotely. The conveyor ratio adjustment can be made from the screed control panel when utilizing the 2-sensor feeder system in order to maintain optimal material height in front of the screed.

Integrated Cat Grade Control

Factory integrated Cat Grade Control allows the crew to operate from either of the tractor or screed consoles. A split screen mode enables the screed operators to work from a single side or from each side of the screed. This is especially helpful when training new operators and when the crew is tasked with multiple job site duties.

Simple Adjustment

Power controls for crown, slope, and height allow for on-the-go adjustment at standard and maximum widths. The exclusive trailing edge screed plate adjusters as well as machined screed frames help optimize plate life and simplify leveling procedures.

Easy Service, Increased Durability

Water resistant consoles and LCD displays ensure performance in adverse conditions and the million-cycle keypad switches and oil-bath vibratory pods provide longterm reliability. The heating elements slide out for easy replacement. An innovative design simplifies extension additions when setting up for wider width paving. A single person can easily accomplish this task without the use of additional lifting devices.